30 NYC Slang Words That Even New Yorkers Should Know

by Jon Malmberg

The first questions you want to ask yourself, do you want to talk like a real New Yorker or like a rubberneck, that just got off the subway next to Times Square the very first time.

If its the latter, then this article wont help you that much, If its the first option then study and learn these NYC slang words, carefully, so that you don't look like a total gavoon.

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Learn how to speak like a true New Yorker, you never know, it might save your life "kid"!!

1. Spaz

You use the word spaz when someone gets violent.

“That dude just spazzed out on my bro'"

2. Dead-ass

Its when you are very serious about something, telling the truth and not lying.

"No for real man, I'm dead ass!!"

The greatest ALI

3. Thirsty

Its when someone acts in a desperate way.

"Hey, don't act so thirsty"

4. Banger

Knife or a sharp weapon.

"Son, check out my new banger"

5. Son

Is like you are talking to your friend and is consider vintage New York slang.

"Hey, what's up son"

6. Snuff

Snuff is "street" and mean "to punch"

7. Wavy

Originated from Harlem, and it means that something is cool or nice.

"Dude, if you really know me, then you know I'm the waviest."

8. Kicks

Kicks is simply the word for sneakers and is wildly used.

"Son, have a look at my new kicks"

9. Yooz

Is really a plural form of You

"Hey Yooz!!"

New York Slang

10. Grill

Griss is to stare at something

“Hey man, why you grilling me?”

11. Beef

This mean that someone have a serious trouble with a group or individual

"Check out that dude over there, men and him have beef over this chick"

12. Rachet

When a woman's attitude or sexual conduct is said to be below average standards.

“No way, she is way to rachet for me!”

13. Dumb

Dumb is used when you want to add an extra emphasis to a given word in a sentence.

“That pizza yesterday, it was dumb good”

14. I'm good

Its a word used to say that you are fine or that you will be ok.

"You coming to see this" -> "Nah, I'm good"

15. Gully

From the streets/gangsta, but over the top genuine. Same as "I'm so street"

"I'm so damn gully!"

Gangsta NYC

16. The 'hood

Yours or someone's neighbourhood where things goes down (killings, drugs etc). Let just say that you don't want to be there at the wrong time.

"Shit, this is a crazy hood"

17. Whip

Whip is another word for a very nice or somewhat expensive car

"Look at that whip man, that's mine tomorrow"

18. My G

My G could be two things really, either a close friend or also gangsta.

"Hey, my g is going to take care of it"

19. Kid

The word kid normally indicates a close friend.

"Hey kid, I want to show you something"

20. Brick

Its when its very chilly outside or just extremely cold.

"Hey, bring your damn jacket, its brick outside"

New York Slang

21. Mad

When you feel strongly over something and want to add extra emphasis to it.

"I'm mad cold right now"

22. Pie

You might think this is pie, its not, its one thing only: Pizza.

"This pie is over the top"

23. Guap

Its simply dollars, or more commonly, a high amount of dollars.

“Look, you owe me man, now run that guap"

24. Tight

This words is usually used when someone is (very) upset

"That shit you pulled last night, I'm dumb tight over that man, for real"

25. Ice

In the most cases ice simply means jewelry

"B, did you just see all ice on his wrist?"

27. Hun

Its usually a shortened version of hundred.

"I'm off to hun’eighteenth street"

28. Hooptie

Its a car that's in desperately need of a service.

“You kiddin me, I'm not getting into that hopptie"

29. Schmear

A words that is commonly used by New York City delis and its referred to a "small" amount of cream cheese on a bagel.

30. Schtupp

A Yiddish (or Yinglish) word for having sex, or "things" related to that.

For the more curious person, the word slang is by definition words and phrases that are regarded as very informal and more common in speech than writing. Also, slang words is often restricted to a certain group of people and often interpreted as a form of attitude.

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