NYC's First 4DX Theater - What is 4DX?


by Sylvia Stanley

New York City now has a 4DX theater where movie goers can experience cinema in a whole new way. The 4DX theater is located at the Regal Union Square Stadium 14 at 850 Broadway. The first film shown was “Batman v. Superman.”

Now, you are probably wondering what a 4DX theater is exactly. Get ready to learn how to enjoy the movies in an exciting format.

4DX is theater technology where seats move and environmental effects from the actual movie are felt. Feel the gust of the wind in your face while having raindrops fall on your head. Lightening is inside the theater. Snow will have you frozen to your seats. Seats vibrate and actually tickle you. Smell scents right where you are. Movie goers can experience movies through visual, aural, olfactory, and tactile movie viewing experiences.

Have no fear, safety guidelines are issued for viewers before entering the theater. If you have certain health conditions, are pregnant, or elderly, it is actually recommended you do not experience a movie in 4DX. Height and age requirements are another part of the safety guidelines. For example, viewers must be 3 ½ feet tall or four years of age to enter the auditorium.

New York 4DX Theater

Be sure to stop by the restroom before the movie because as soon as the movie starts, you are unable to leave your seat. Cold beverages must be in a covered container at all times. Viewers are asked not to eat or drink during intense scenes when the motion chairs are actively moving.

Think carefully about the clothes you wear into the 4DX auditorium as the effects of the movie can affect your clothes. Patrons are asked not to wear delicate clothing and to protect their clothes throughout the special effects of the movie. In other words, do not wear your favorite shirt or pair of pants.

Tickets for a 4DX movie are between $25 and 30 which is actually double the amount of a regular movie ticket.

The price of tickets does not deter movie goers from walking into a 4DX theater. The opportunity to enjoy films in a technologically advanced way is thrilling. As you visit New York, be sure to stop by the 4DX theater to enjoy an authentic movie experience.