5 cheap quality eats in NYC when on a budget


by Jonathan Haggstam

As food prices continue to soar, most city dwellers find themselves in a hot fix. New York is one such city where making a living and leading a hassle-free lifestyle is a preserve of a few.

You know, high standards of living, mean more expenditure on a ever shrinking economy.

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As a result, people are looking for ways of cutting costs, and looking for cheap food is one good coping strategy. To cater for that demands, various cheap eateries have sprung up.

This article gives you a brief discussion of few restaurants you can hit if you are on a tight budget.

Aroma Brazil

Aroma Brazil NYC

This is a good place to give a trial, especially if you around Jackson Heights. If you are looking for a cheap restaurant serving Brazilian meals around Jackson Heights, Brazilian Aroma can’t disappoint.

Brazil Aroma is one of the cheap Brazilian cafes peddling pao de queijo and other niceties, including elaborately dressed Cariocan burgers. In this buffet, $5.99 bucks is enough to fill you up.

So it depends on what you want to have. If you want to have grilled meat, they have: pork shoulder, chicken, beef brisket or breaded fish. Interestingly, their prices are a joke. They charge too low for the quality of food they offer.

Temple Canteen

Ganesh Temple Canteen NYC

If you are a vegetarian, then Temple Canteen is the place you’ll need to take your meal from. The joint is mainly Sri Lankan and South Indian.

You’ll find a warm welcome there. From a list of 25 dosas, you could order the dosa that washes well with your appetite. Other dosas on the menu include Masal Dosa and Pondicherry dosa. All the dosas are delicious and are served with a with a river of thin green coconut chutney. By the way, you don’t have to remove your shoes to go to the canteen.

All of the above meals cost under $30. And, if you come from India, Temple Canteen will make you feel like your back in India.

Sky Cafe

Sky Cafe NYC

If you are looking for ambiance, Sky Café might not be what you need. However, if the cost of food is the driving force behind your hunt for a cheap restaurant, then no restaurant beats Sky Café for it’s cheap yet quality foods.

Here is where you’ll meet the gado gado, a spectacular meal composed of salad of lettuce, tempeh, cabbage and boliled eggs.

If you haven’t tried Sky Café, I guess you should. The prices are unbelievably low, with most one-plate meals running for $7 or $8. Isn’t that a real bargain?

Red Bowl Shop

Red Bowl Shop NYC

What stands out about this restaurant is how they treat their customers. On a scale of 1 to5, I think they deserve a 4. The café has grown into a 24 hours-a-day street-food landmark, where everyone can access their foods.

The café specializes in soups and clay-pots, although there are various other choices like frog and crab congee. Besides, peking duck and roast duck are awesome.

Most of the meals here cost about $20/person for a full meal, making it a safe choice if don’t have much to spend on meals.

Northside Bakery

Northside Bakery NYC

Half the establishment is a bakery while the other half has a steam table where everything is sold in unbelievably low prices.

A meal of cabbage stuffed with veal and rice, coleslaw, and a couple of scoops of spuds totaled $6 and change. Besides, this establishment has the best latkes ever in NYC. Feel free to order as many cutlets or latkes as you want.