5 Sizzling NYC Steaks for Under $25


by Jon Malmberg

A steak dinner has always been somewhat synonymous with luxury, especially if you happen to be trying to impress a date.

Affordable as well? Not if you want quality surely, especially when dining in New York City.

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It may, however, surprise you to learn that even in the city that is rarely cheap you can actually find, and enjoy, a steak dinner for less than $25 per plate.

And we aren't talking about chain restaurant fare either. Here are some of our personal favorites:

Cherry Izakaya

Cherry Izakaya NYC

Set in one of the hippest of the hip Williamsburg neighborhoods Chef John Keller showcases a Japanese style concept menu that includes not just one but two stunning steak plates for under $25.

For just $21 you can tuck into an Izakaya steak frites, a combination of dry aged rib eye marinated in a sesame ponzu accompanied by thick cut, pepper doused Izakaya fries.

Or, for $15 (seriously) there's the Sizzling Platter, a 6oz steak accompanied by charred onions and roasted Brussels sprouts.

Cherry Izakaya is located at 138 N. Eighth St., Brooklyn

The Gorbals (ESH Brooklyn)

The Gorbals NYC

You may remember Chef Ilan Hall as one of the earlier Top Chef winners, but he's come a long way since then.

After relocating from New Jersey to LA and finding success with a joint called The Gorbals Hall has returned to his East Coast roots and opened a second branch in Brooklyn.

Here you'll find a $15 steak dish that defies its price tag. A hanger steak grilled over white oak chips the dish also features a mass of onions - pearl onion shells, red wine- and red vinegar-infused red onion, fried shallots, raw scallion and chives - served up with a small selection of fire grilled veg.

You'll find The Gorbals at 98 N. Sixth St., Brooklyn.


Fonda NYC

Fonda's cuisine is a unique blend of French and Mexican, the result of a combination of Chef Roberto Santibañez' heritage and formal training.

Among the meatier dishes on offer at both of his Fonda locations, you will find a perfect example of the fusion in action in the $23 Carne Asada con Hongos.

With a fire grilled skirt steak as its base, the dish also includes a green bean escabeche and a signature sweet corn and mushroom sauce that is rather unforgettable.

Fonda is open at two locations; 40 Ave B and 434 Seventh Avenue, Brooklyn.

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que NYC

This Upper Manhattan BBQ joint has become renowned for the selection of tender smoked meats dished up by biker turned pitmaster John Stage and his staff. Lesser known however is that Stage knows how to serve a pretty mean steak as well.

At both the Harlem and Gowanus locations for just $21 you can get your steak on in the form of a generously sized skirt steak marinated in a 'secret' Korean BBQ sauce topped with house-cured chow-chow and Syracuse style salt potatoes.

You'll find Dinosaur Bar-B-Que at both 700 W. 125th St. and 604 Union Street, Brooklyn.

Cafe Clover

Cafe Clover NYC

Yes, you can find a great steak for under $25 in the Village and it's an organic one at that. At his West Village eatery, Chef David Standridge maintains a commitment to healthier dining with farm fresh produce and ingredients sourced locally and the $21 six-ounce Meiller Farm beef strip loin is no exception.

As you might expect from an organic joint the preparation is simple and straightforward but still delicious.

The meat is simply prepared with olive oil, salt and pepper and served up with tender grilled asparagus and smooth and creamy potato puree.

Cafe Clover is located at 10 Downing Street.

So there you have it, 5 sizzling steaks for under $25, in NYC!