A Short Survival Guide For Living In New York


by Jonathan Haggstam

Let’s face it, entering the work force as a millennial while earning in the low spectrum of market value can leave anyone worrying about his or her finances; this is especially true in New York City.

With “cheap” studio apartments starting at the $1,000 to $2,000 ranges, compared to the outrageous garden apartments starting at an average of $3,000 or more.

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Finding room for a budget can be difficult in comparison to the rest of the country so discussing some avenues to save some money can go a long way.

NYC Survival Guide

Firstly, lets talk about food. Now, for the sake of saving money you may want to stay away from top brand foods as they can become expensive and destroy your budget very quickly.

Try to resist your inner cravings and stick to foods that are not top brand. These foods may not be a preference but I am sure your wallet will appreciate it.

Coupons can also save you money. It may take some extra time to collect some but in the end getting discounts on the foods that you enjoy rather than settling for brands you may not like can also go a long way in keeping you happy as well.

Secondly, transportation is also important. If you can manage it, having a bike can save you a ton of money as opposed to owning a car or having to use MetroCards.

Of course, there may be the expense of having some gadgets to repair your bike in the event of an emergency or some extra stores of food in your backpack for sustenance but using a bike to commute to work can save you money and keep you healthy.

Moreover, if you are feeling a craving for some food during your bike ride a dollar pizza slice from a vendor around the corner may not be a bad idea to curb that desire.

This may not be a very obvious topic to talk about concerning a budget but clothing can certainly run up ones wallet if not paying attention.

Everyone likes staying fashionable, but being fashionable while saving money can be difficult. It may take some time to find clothes you enjoy but visiting a goodwill in the east village or the upper east side can go a long way in saving you well over $100 dollars when you need a new jacket or jeans and who knows; you may find something that makes you look like a king.

It will not only make you feel good but it will also make you feel like you are in charge of a monarchy. Additionally, keeping a lookout for sales on items that are particularly pricey can help curb that staleness you may feel from constantly lacking a fresh feel.

There is another important note; relationships. It is a brute fact that to relieve boredom in a relationship it more often than not may end up to spending some of that cold hard cash on a date or night out.

Though, it is not hard to find some cheap ways to save money while still maximizing the fun of having someone else as company.

Try going back to some basic ways of entertainment like playing chess or drawing. At first it may seem strange to deviate from the usual routine like going to an expensive restaurant or spending a considerable amount at the bar but sometimes doing basic things to entertain yourself and another can go a long way in creating a memory or even a habit of learning to love the things you already have.

Keep it safe out there!