10 Non-Typical but Beautiful NYC Places


by Sylvia Stanley

When you think of New York City, you often think of skyscrapers, busy sidewalks, and bustling traffic. The city that never sleeps can often cause you to shy away from urban life. New York City actually has many beautiful places that will have you rethinking areas to visit.

For a chance to experience the beauty of nature, New York City is one of the most interesting places to visit. The following places are why New York City is the place to be when desiring to experience both city life and the wonders of nature.

1. Governor’s Island

Governor's Island

Experience beach life at Governor’s Island, where you can sink your toes in the sand and enjoy the warm sunshine. The small island is just off of Manhattan’s southern tip and a ferry ride away. No loud car horns beeping in your ear; just you, the sand, the sun, and the water. Relax and enjoy the warm weather.

Green fields along with eighteenth and nineteenth century mansions and landmarks are on Governor’s Island as well. Enjoy the architecture and brush up on your history. During the summer, you can hang out on lawns and dine on tasty cuisine from various food trucks that come across from the city.

2. The New York Botanical Garden

The New York Botanical Garden

The New York Botanical Gardens sits on two hundred and fifty acres of various exhibitions, hiking trails, and gardens that are majestic enough to take your breath away. The flowers alone can make you stand in awe. Throughout the changing of the seasons, you can experience beautiful and inspiring landscapes. Should you desire to go for peaceful walks, The New York Botanical Garden is securely away from crowds and cars.

3. City Island

City Island

For a quaint New England style area, City Island is the place to be. The friendly community is home to artists, boaters, and historical sites. City Island charms the soul as a classic beach town. Seafood restaurants are abundant throughout City Island and you can enjoy amazing tasting lobster. For a quieter side of New York, visit City Island.

4. Orchard Beach

Orchard Beach

Orchard Beach is the Bronx’s only public beach and dubs the nickname “The Bronx Riviera” from its establishment in the 1930s. You can visit the beach without leaving New York City. The mile long beach is a great place to enjoy vacation time.

Grilling out is allowed in various places and you can enjoy time with family and friends. Picnic areas are open and playgrounds are throughout the park area. What’s the beach without a little beach volleyball? For fun in the sun, Orchard Beach is your destination.

5. The Cloisters

The Cloisters

Dive into the world of medieval Europe through art, architecture, and gardens at The Cloisters located at the top of Fort Tryon Park in Washington Heights. An old, rebuilt French monastery holds masterpieces for those who have a passion for art.

After experiencing the culture of art, step outside and head to the Monastery’s Cloisters where you can experience awe-inspiring views of the Hudson River and the Palisades. Tour the grounds and enjoy the world of Europe in New York City.

6. Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

To meditate on the importance of life, stop by the Japanese Hill and Pond Garden at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Tranquility and peace of mind can be fulfilled as you navigate your way through the Japanese cherry blossom trees.

The stillness of the lake causes one to stop, slow down, and truly appreciate life. You can find peace within as you experience the serene beauty of nature.

7. Fordham University’s Rose Hill Campus

Fordham University Rose Hill Campus

While pursuing an education, students and others can experience the oasis of Rose Hill Campus at Fordham University located in the Bronx. Studying can be accomplished amongst the trees and flowers.

The Rose Hill Campus has gothic architecture and green fields that are just as majestic covered in icy snow or blooming with colorful flowers.

8. North and South Brother Islands

North and South Brother Islands

While you are unable to visit the North and South Brother Islands, this does not take away from the beauty throughout the islands. The public is not allowed to visit either of the islands as they are used as bird sanctuaries to preserve New York City’s wildlife. Preserving wildlife is important to the citizens of New York City and the islands house various animals.

The North Brother Island actually housed a hospital that was used to treat and quarantine smallpox and other eradicated diseases.

9. Belvedere Castle, Central Park

Belvedere Castle Central Park

To experience breathtaking, panoramic views of Central Parks most beautiful and famous landmarks, Belvedere Castle is the place to be. In Italian, Belvedere Castle means “beautiful view,” and the two balconies will help you enjoy the views in Central Park.

Located at the highest point in Central Park on Vista Rock, you can peacefully take in the wonders of Central Park. A Romanesque and Gothic cathedral, the Belvedere Castle will take you centuries back in time to the old-world of Europe.

10. The Ravine, Central Park

The Ravine

Another area to visit that is located in Central Park is The Ravine where a touch of heaven can be experienced. Sit and meditate under the canopy of the trees. The noise of city life is far behind you as the sound of the waterfall drowns out all distractions. For those who desire an urban escape, The Ravine was established just for that.

The placid stream exudes calmness of mind, body, and spirit. The Ravine is a quiet place where people can slow down and enjoy life. Deep thinkers will especially enjoy their time spent at The Ravine.

New York City is commonly known for the bustling streets, busy city life, and sounds of cars jetting through the streets. However, New York City does have secluded areas where you can go to experience the calm, serene side of New York City. Do not count New York City out when visiting areas that will bring peace of mind and tranquility to one’s soul.