Best Beer Gardens in NYC


by Jasmine Greene

There's not much better than a cold brew on a hot day and drinking out in the 'fresh' air is something almost every New Yorker loves to do. Luckily, there's plenty of space in New York City for some amazing beer gardens.

So kick back and grab a pint at one of these amazing options once summer rolls around.

Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden

2919 24th Avenue, Astoria

Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden This is the quintessential New York beer garden. It's been slinging pints for over 100 years and there doesn't seem to be any signs of it slowing down. While prices have gone up slightly, you can still get a pitcher for less than $20.

There's a wide selection of draft and bottle beer for your perusal and the menu offers up some authentic Czech food. Despite the massive size of the garden, you'll definitely have problems finding a seat on the weekend, it is that much of a hotspot. Besides good beer and food you can also expect some live music and even a poker night.

Studio Square S2

35-55 36th Street, Long Island City

Studio Square S2 Encompassing 30,000 square feet with the ability to seat 1,200 people, this location is quite possibly the biggest beer garden in New York City. Even still, the seats often get filled up during peak drinking season.

There's not much fuss in the design with the concrete-and-wood interior and vine covered walls for the exterior. Of course the important thing here is the beers! They have a wide selection of domestic and international brews on tap as well as sangria if you're not in the mood for some suds. You can also get some sausages and burgers to complement your beer of choice though the order counter can get quite frantic during the busier months.

Radegast Hall and Biergarten

113 North 3rd Street, Brooklyn

Radegast Hall and Biergarten This authentic biergarten will transport you to Germany the minute you step up to the front door. The exterior sports the traditional steepled roof and dark wood accents. The interior will make you forget you're in Brooklyn completely from the dark furniture to the vaulted ceilings.

Of course, they also offer one of the biggest selections of German beer in the neighborhood in ½ liter or liter size mugs. No pints here! To go along with the beer is traditional German drinking food like pretzels and sausages though you can get other items like mussels and lamb ribs.

Ambrose Beer & Lobster

18 Fulton Street

Ambrose Beer & Lobster This no fuss beer hall offers coastal delicacies like a lobster rolls, clam chowder and lobster and avocado lettuce wraps. It's a cozy spot that offers a sidewalk café/garden for excellent people watching during the warmer months.

The beer selection is much more limited than other beer gardens, but they do offer a wide selection of both international and domestic beer on tap and bottles. They also offer the occasional beer tasting for seasonal options.

Der Schwarze Kolner/Die Stammkneipe

710 Fulton Street, Brooklyn

Der Schwarze Kolner/Die Stammkneipe This is the first German beer garden in the Fort Greene area and it hits all the right marks: long communal tables, huge selection of German beer, excellent beer hall food and three different size mugs to hold your suds.

Rather than backyard patio or garden seating, DSK offers sidewalk seating instead. What sets this bar apart from others is how family friendly it is. Between 2:30pm-4pm during the weekdays, they offer playtime for kids and caregivers though kids must leave by 9pm.

Honorable Mention


7 Rivington Street

Loreley While its chic interior might make you think Loreley is just another trendy Lower East Side bar, it is most definitely a German beer hall. They offer a wide selection of authentic German beer and food. Even the furniture was made in Germany!

It is much more low key than your typical biergartens so it's perfect for when you want a more quiet night out. With that said, during the weekends it does get quite busy so you might want to stop for a pint during the weekday.