The Best Bakeries in NYC


by Jasmine Greene

You can't walk a block in New York City without stumbling upon some kind of bakery. It's hard to resist going into one and getting yourself a treat. After all, there's nothing quite like fresh hand-baked goods.

Whether you're in the mood for a sweet treat or a baguette, these bakeries will definitely satisfy your carb craving.

Dominique Ansel

189 Spring Street

Dominique Ansel

This is the spot that created the "cronut" the croissant-doughnut hybrid that took New York City by storm back in 2013. But the bakery is more than just a one-trick pony.

Almost everything on the menu will transport you to sugary goodness from the flaky Kouign Amann to their fluffy Cotton Soft Cheesecake. If you're in the mood for regular bread this isn't the place to go. Their specialty is pastries although you can get some sandwiches and soups if you're in the mood for something savory.

Brooklyn Bread House

1718 Jerome Avenue, Brooklyn

Brooklyn Bread House

If you've ever wanted have freshly baked lavash at home, then Brooklyn Bread House is the place to go. Started in 2010, it is the only bakery in New York City that bakes up fresh lavash.

The bread is made only from flour, water and salt, flattened with a stream roller and cooked in a tandoori for that crispy texture. Besides lavash, the bakery also offers Georgian shoti and khachapuri and a few Russian loaves. If you're in the mood for something sweet they do have a Russian layer cake and Aremnian-style baklava.

Arcade Bakery

220 Church St

Arcade Bakery

Arcade Bakery is just popping up in front of you, from nowhere really, when passing this downtown office building. Its official that you can enjoy what might be the best baguettes and croissants around town, but you can also dig into savoury flatbread pizzas, Danish, quiche, babka and yeasted coffee cakes.

This is Roger Gural, "the baker", that once again shows his skills allowing us to just sit down, relax and have a bite of excellence.


359 Van Brunt Street, Brooklyn; 279 Church Street

Baked NYC

Red Hook has grown from a loading area to a burgeoning neighborhood and has a food scene that will delight any gourmand. One of the best bakeries in the area is Baked.

They've got some of the best brownies in town (even Oprah recommends them) that are one part cakey and one part fudgey. As you would expect, everything is handmade with only the freshest ingredients. Not in the mood for something sweet? They also offer buttery southern style biscuits, traditional croissants and quiche. If you can't make it to Brooklyn they also have more convenient TriBeCa location.

Grandaisy Bakery

73 Sullivan Street; 250 West Broadway; 176 West 72nd Street

Grandaisy Bakery

Grandaisy bakery has been a staple in the SoHo are for years and they've also won over the residents of the Upper West Side and TriBeCa. Although they are mostly known for their white, Italian-style bread, they also offer whole wheat, seven grain and brioche. Their breads are so consistently delicious, many restaurants and other bakeries order bread from their stores.

And while their breads are certainly worth the trip, make sure to try their pizzas. It isn't like the standard New York City pizzas you'll find with heapings of cheese and sauce. Instead they are small squares topped only with olive oil, salt and a vegetable like squash or cauliflower. Despite its simplicity the pizza bursts with flavor thanks to chewiness of the bread and fresh ingredients.

Levain Bakery

167 West 74th Street; 2167 Frederick Douglass Blvd.; 354 Montauk Highway; Wainscott

Levain Bakery

Don't be surprised if you come here and see a line. Levain has made a name for themselves with their cookies. The price tag of $4 might seem a bit overpriced, until you actually see how massive they are in person. Of course, just being big doesn't warrant long lines. They cookies themselves are perfectly crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside.

There are only four different kinds to choose from: Chocolate chip walnut, dark chocolate chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin or dark chocolate peanut butter. Besides cookies, they also offer a whole slew of other pastries to tempt your sweet tooth like cinnamon brioche. They've got just bread too if you're not in the mood for something sugary making it the perfect place for pretty much everyone.

Honorable Mention

Bouchon Bakery

1 Rockefeller Plaza

Bouchon Bakery

Although they don't offer a wide range of pastries or bread, everything at Bouchon is top notch. Many of their pastries are plays on traditional sweets like Nutter Butters (called Better Nutter here) and Ho Hos (Bouchon Oh Oh). Of course, there's the more traditional sweets like macarons, eclairs and muffins. Their bread selection is limited to only one type of bread – the baguette.

You can either get it in full size or demi. If you want something a bit more filling they've also got sandwiches and soup of the day. Of course, since it's located in tourist central, you likely will have problems finding a seat inside.