Best Bars in Chicago


by Sylvia Stanley

Draft beers, wings, hamburgers, and large screen TVs bring to mind late nights with friends at bars located throughout Chicago. Having much to offer, Chicago’s bar scene will keep you out and about each night.

Various types of bars are featured throughout the windy streets of Chicago and they will not disappoint you. The only problem that will present itself will be which bar to stay at for hours on end.

Rootstock Wine & Beer Bar

954 North California Avenue Rootstock Wine & Beer Bar

Rootstock Wine & Beer Bar provides a small production of wine and beer along with a focus on organic and biodynamic farming practices. Exhibiting artwork from local artists, Rootstock Wine & Beer Bar is all about supporting the very roots of Chicago.

Featuring wine from across Europe and America, purchase glasses or bottles of red, white, or rose as you look at the featured artwork. Ciders and fruit beers are offered for thirsty patrons. Domestic, draft, and import beers are on hand. No worries, there are plenty of spirits for you to choose from as well.

Simone’s Bar

960 West 18th

Simone's Bar

Simone’s Bar has a different activity going on each night of the week for you and your friends to experience. Trivia, karaoke, and live performances by DJs keep the atmosphere lively at Simone’s Bar. Art exhibits and cultural events are held in the concert area. You will always find something happening at Simone’s Bar.

Seasonal cocktails, wines, and beer menus are provided and include an area of delicious tastes. Just the names of the beverages alone will have you wanting to try various ones. Classic menu items such as nachos, buffalo wings, and burgers are listed.

Hopleaf Bar

5148 North Clark Street

Hopleaf Bar

The Hopleaf Bar features a Belgian inspired menu packed with entrées that bring cultural cuisine to new heights. Belgian beers are provided along with draft beers and ciders from across America and Europe. Known for their Mussels and frites, The Hopleaf Bar will have you experiencing Belgium.

The Hopleaf Bar also has various ways of supporting local foundations and holds events to raise money for local schools. Giving back and serving the local community can be seen throughout the fundraising opportunities

Cork and Kerry

3259 South Princeton, 10614 South Western

Cork and Kerry

Carrying the title of one of the best Irish Pubs in America, Cork and Kerry has classic Irish food choices with Chicago favorites mixed in. Experience the authenticity of an Irish pub in the heart of Chicago.

The Rueben has corn beef stacked and smothered with Swiss Kraut and Thousand Island dressing. Taste a bit of the Irish with fries that have housemade Dubliner white cheddar cheese sauce with bacon crumbles.

What’s an Irish pub without brews from across the globe? Guinness is readily available and will have you dreaming of Dublin in no time.

Map Room

1949 North Hoyne Avenue

Map Room

Travel the world while enjoying imported beverages at Map Room. Maps, books, and beers that take you to places you have never been before cover the Map Room. Connect to a place miles away while enjoying an imported beer.

Beer school is conducted throughout the year for people who want to get an education on the world of beer. Discover the characteristics of beers from different spaces and learn what makes each one unique.

Sheffield’s Beer & Wine Garden

3258 North Sheffield

Sheffield's Beer & Wine Garden

Combing two great loves, beer and barbeque, Sheffield’s Beer & Wine Garden provides an outdoor experience like no other restaurant. Enjoy a craft beer in the garden while dining on pulled pork and sausage. Chicken and ribs can be devoured throughout the night. Add a side of macaroni and cheese or baked beans.

Creating an outdoor atmosphere that brings people and barbeque together, Sheffield’s Beer & Wine Garden will have you and your friends coming back again and again.

Each bar in Chicago provides you with a unique experience that will take you into the early morning hours. Dine on comfort food or try a meal inspired from another country. Get cultured on beverages that are prominent across the ocean and let Chicago give you the opportunity to feel like you are miles from home.