The Best Brunch in Chicago


by Melanie Rivera

Brunch. That weekend treat that makes it seem possible to carry on living when the night before is still a nightmarish memory of too much booze and too much loud and questionable partying. Or, for the more responsible, that occasion when you get to treat your parents to a slap up meal without actually breaking the bank.

Chicago is home to a wide variety of brilliant brunch spots and many of the best are a fine testament to the fact that brunch can be so much more than French toast, Belgian waffles and filling potato sides (not that there is anything wrong with such things)

Everyone has their own preferences and opinions when it comes to just what makes for a truly brilliant brunch but we think, that when it comes to the best brunch in Chicago these eateries all merit serious consideration no matter what your personal taste.


15 W Illinois St

Perfect for the Party Crew


Fremont's lively Boozy Brunches are possibly the best way you can choose to spend $35 on a Sunday morning in Chicago. Guests are treated to an all you can eat feast that includes a full omelet station, a Donut Tower, a Seafood Tower, a Smoked Brisket station and more.

And as for the boozy part? That comes courtesy of the best stocked Bloody Mary bar you'll probably find anywhere, ever or, if you are in the mood to spend a little more you can add $15 to your tab for the Champagne Package.

Cafe Marie-Jeanne

1001 N California Ave

Best for those who would rather be in Gay Paree

Cafe Marie-Jeanne

If your idea of a perfect brunch would be one served while you are seated at a table in a quaint little cafe on Paris' Left Bank then this Humboldt Park eatery is a great Chicago based eatery to serve as a regular stand in.

Beginning with the almost mandatory so strong the spoon stands up coffee you can then indulge in such delights as smoked pecan French toast, chocolate croissants, ham, blue cheese and olive omelets or a classic croque madame, all of which are offered at surprisingly reasonable prices.


671 N. St. Clair

For those looking for a healthier start to the day


Beatrix is one of the growing number of Lettuce Entertain You owned eateries in the city and this one is devoted the concept of healthy - if rather eclectic - eating at any time of day.

Brunch is an especially good time to experience the best of what this uber modern restaurant has to offer though. From the quinoa cakes in many flavors to the fluffed up egg white omelets to heartier fare like the mushroom & quinoa burgers or the pot roast egg sandwich, Beatrix makes eating a healthy brunch a lot more fun than it might sound at first.

Mott Street

1401 N Ashland Ave

For those who like a different kind of brunch

Mott Street

Asian cuisine for brunch? Why not, it certainly makes a nice change. And when the cooking is being done by Edward Kim, a man known for his bold, strong flavors you can expect something special.

Brunch offerings range from congee with Issan sausage or delicious and very inventive dishes such as pork jowl skillet. And if you are still suffering from the night before the house burger - a killer offering that is loaded with extras like sweet potato frizzles, pickled jalapenos and hoisin aioli - will soak up all that extra alcohol perfectly.