Best Donuts in NYC


by Jasmine Greene

The donut craze might have died down, but that doesn't mean they're any less delicious. Donuts are a perfect sweet treat especially since they now come in so many different flavors and sizes and there's nothing that quite hits that perfect blend of sugary and comfort quite like a doughnut.

Whether you're looking for something extravagant or simple, you'll definitely find what you want at one of these donut shops.

Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop

727 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn

Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop

This Greenpoint staple has pretty much wowed everyone with their delicious, edible bites including celebrities like Tina Fey. Whether you're in the mood for a long braided donut, jelly or cream-filled or simply a plain, Peter Pan has something for everyone.

They're most famous for their red velvet donut with its rich chocolate glaze and red cakey center. If you're not a red velvet fan, then you might want to check out the super-moist and buttery glazed sour cream doughnut.

Dough Loco

24 East 97th Street

Dough Loco If you're in a more adventurous mood, Dough Loco might be right up your alley. Chef Corey Cova serves up some incredible combinations that might sound strange on paper like maple miso and raspberry Sriracha. But don't let the combinations fool you. It might sound like the flavors don't meld, but one bite will absolutely make you into a believer.

These might be a bit more on the expensive side, but the donuts themselves are quite large and where else are you really going to be able to try a maple and miso in such harmony? You might also want to get there early as they generally run out of the interesting flavors well before their closing time of 7pm.

Donut Pub

203 West 14th Street

Donut Pub This unassuming little shop has been around for 50+ years, so you know they're doing something right. Unlike the newcomers to the donut scene, Donut Pub focuses on providing the staples.

The thing is, you don't really feel like you're missing out because they're so delicious and fresh. If you're not in the mood for a donut you can also get a muffins or cookies there. And of course, you can wash it all down with a steaming cup of coffee. The best part is that the store is open 24/7 so you can satisfy your sugar craving any time.

Doughnut Plant

220 W 23rd St (and other locations)

Doughnut Plant

It feels like Doughnut Plant been around for ages, and perhaps its been awhile since Mark Israel's (owner) basement shop during the 90's. That said, they still deliver what might be the best donuts around town.

Haven't been here yet? Try the Peanut Butter And Banana Cream Filled Doughnut, wow, or what's called the "game-changer" creme brulee doughseed with creamy vanilla inside. That should make your day!

Underwest Donuts

638 West 47th Street

Underwest Donuts

New York City has plenty of hidden gems and Underwest joins the ranks. Tucked inside a car wash you'll find this tiny donut shop. They serve some good ol' fashioned cake donuts all cooked and glazed to perfection. As a play on their location, they serve a specialty donut called the Car Wash which is a vanilla base with a lavender glaze.

They offer up other gourmet flavors like maple-waffle, brown butter and halva. Regardless of whether you need a car wash or not, Underwest is definitely a must visit place. Just don't be surprised to see other intrepid donut lovers gathering at the order counter. Order yourself a donut and enjoy it as you watch cars being washed.

Orwasher's Bakery

308 East 78th Street

Orwasher's Bakery There's no getting around the fact that donuts aren't really good for you. With that said, that doesn't mean you can't feel a little better about eating them. Orwasher's Bakery offers donuts with only the best ingredients and zero preservatives. The jam filled options contains pieces of whole fruits and come in seasonal flavors.

That means during the summer you'll be able to sample blueberry, raspberry, cherry and strawberry while the fall you can try grape and apple. The best part is that you get to watch as they fill your donut with jelly once you place your order. Now that's fresh! Of course, it comes at a cost. These are pretty expensive donuts, but they're well worth the price for the fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Of course as a bakery they also offer cookies and bread.

Honorable Mention

Dun-Well Doughnuts

222 Montrose Avenue, Brooklyn

Dun-Well Doughnuts Just because you're vegan doesn't mean you can't partake in some fresh and delicious donuts. Dun-Well offers some of the best donuts around, without the use of any animal products.

Of course, that doesn't mean it's any healthier for you. But if you're eating donuts, you're not going for healthy anyway, right? They offer seasonal specialties like apple pie donuts and peach cobbler but some favorite standbys include lemon poppy seed and peanut-butter chocolate. These tend to be on the yeast side of the donut divide so you can expect a chewy and pillowy texture.