Best French Restaurants in NYC


by Sylvia Stanley

Croissants, quiche, and vintage wine often come to mind when thinking of French restaurants. Quaint French cafés and bakeries have brunch served and make for special moments in time.

The best French restaurants in New York City provide fine dining and exquisite taste for all your French cuisine needs.

Le Bernardin

155 West 51st Street

Le Bernardin

For a sophisticated French dining experience, stop by Le Bernardin and let the staff wine and dine you throughout the night. Serving fresh seafood, Chef Eric Ripert makes the fish the star of the meal everytime.

Tuna, salmon, hamachi, and snapper are seasoned to perfection and paired with savory side dishes. Let the fine taste of caviar melt in your mouth throughout the evening. Crab legs can be enjoyed as you sip on elegant wine.


218 Bowery


Pairing food and wine for a blend of harmonious cuisine, Rebelle has a powerhouse of French cuisine and wine for you to taste. The 1,500 wine bottle selection is enough to overwhelm anyone, but have no fear bartenders are there to guide you every step of the way.

Have an egg sandwich with brioche, duck sausage, chard, and comté for bruch. While you are at it, pair it with a glass of champagne. One of the main courses for dinner is tender roast duck combined with friseé, pistachio, and pickled pearl onion.


42 Grove Street Buvette

Stop by Buvette for a cup of coffee, a luncheonette, or to relax after your day at work. Providing a neighborhood eatery atmosphere, you feel right at home while you enjoy sourced meat, produce, and wine at Buvette.

Croissants and scones can be paired with your morning coffee. Soups, salads, and cured salted cod await you for lunch. The chef’s classic ratatouille is a deluxe meal of seasoned zucchini, eggplant, and peppers. Add in garlic toast and you have a meal for the ages.

Jean Georges

1 Central Park West

Jean Georges

Carrying a menu for all seasons, Jean Georges uses local produce from the farmer’s market to deliver fresh French cuisine throughout the year. The service, elegant tables, and windows that stretch from the floor to the ceiling create a radiant atmosphere.

A three-course prix-fixe menu and two six-course tasting menus are offered to ensure you try a variety of the French cuisine. Green asparagus and kale salad let you know spring has sprung. Soft shell crab and shrimp adorn the summer menu. While indulging in the delicious taste of seafood, enjoy a cocktail with you meal.


380 Lafayette Street


Lafayette is your one stop shop for a delectable French café and bakery. Taste a variety of food that pays respect to different regions across the country of France. Traditional is introduced to modern through various meals.

The luxurious Egg Lafayette comes with smoked sable and trout caviar. Lamb Chop Tagine is seasoned with exotic spices, almonds, and couscous. Seafood is a plenty when you dive into the Le Grand Plateau stacked with oysters, shrimp, clams, and lobster.


239 Centre Street


Recipes that take a page from South France and North America are served at the café and bakery known as Maman. Baked goods, artisanal bread, and pastries made fresh daily are crafted to delight your taste buds.

Quiche filled with Parisian ham, roasted zucchini, or ratatouille can be selected for breakfast. Choose from an egg salad sandwich, smoked salmon, or a tuna sandwich with dried tomatoes for lunch. The bakery menu is filled with sweet treats that will have you coming back for more.

The French restaurants in New York bring a touch of sophistication and creativity to an already impressive city. Ensuring your dining experience is one to remember, wine, cocktails, and cuisine are paired together for a glorious meal. French restaurants know exactly how to mix entrées, desserts, and wines for exceptional cuisine.