Best Italian Restaurants in NYC


by Sylvia Stanley

The only city you will ever need to go to for Italian food crafted and designed for picturesque flavor is New York. Italian restaurants are everywhere and each one has a unique take on Italian food.

To stand out in the Italian restaurant scene in New York, you must have that extra bit of pizzazz to become a well known destination.

Frankies Spuntino

570 Hudson Street

Frankies Spuntino

Spuntino means “an informal meal or a snack; also, a casual Italian eatery.” Frankies Spuntino has created a comfortable, cozy atmosphere to inspire friends and family to wine and dine on simple Italian food.

Fresh and local food is provided by the ingredients used to make favorite dishes such as eggplant parmigiana, radishes with anchovy dressing, and broccoli rabe. Meat lovers can enjoy Spicy Capicola, Sweet Soppressata, or a plate of cured meat.

Housemade pastas adorn the menu and you can’t go wrong whether you choose the Pici Puttanesca or the Pappardelle with braised lamb ragu.

Enoteca Maria

27 Hyatt Street

Enoteca Maria

Establishing Italian authenticity by having cooks from different regions of Italy, Enoteca Maria has a high standard of cuisine that can only be tasted. Each night, a menu featuring a different Nonna or grandmother’s meals can be enjoyed. A Nonna from a different area of the world provides recipes to bring authenticity to Italian cuisine.

Regional Italian cuisine is served each night on a consistent menu. Braciole con Verdure are rolls of veal filled with eggplant and mozzarella cheese covered in red sauce. Pork eaters will enjoy the Zampe di Porcellino which is braised pig’s feet served in red sauce with cannellini beans, onions, and celery.

Del Posto

85 Tenth Avenue

Del Posto

For an outstanding dining experience, eat the exquisite Italian cuisine only to be found at Del Posto. Immerse your senses in an array of sophisticated meals and an ambiance of class while sipping on high-quality wine.

Del Posto will not disappoint you with cuisine that is crafted from the finest ingredients. Indulge in the Lobster alla Cesare paired with grilled romaine, pane grattato, and sweet and sour onions. For a delicacy as flavorful as its name, the Sweet Potato Cappellaci has brutti ma buoni and toasted sage.


110 Waverly Place


Experience the warm Italian lifestyle of friends and family at Babbo. Italian olive oils accent the produce, meats, Italian cheeses, and seafood. Traditional and new creations are cooked up at Babbo.

Start off your dining experience with an arugalu salad mixed with wild mushrooms, Parmigiano, and Aceto Tradizionale. The linguine is filled with clams and hot chiles. Try the grilled skirt steak which comes with roasted potatoes and black truffle vinaigrette. An extensive wine list is on hand to ensure your Italian food is paired with the exact wine that brings the fullness of each taste to life.


240 Central Park S

Marea NYC

Marea is Michel White's upscale comeback restaurant which is focusing on amazing seafood, and its as beautiful as he's other creations. There are delicious pasta's on the menu, try the baby octopus and bone marrow, and seasonal fish dishes that you can't simply go wrong with.

Their "Crudo al Taglio is fantastic and should be tried as well. Even if this is a more upscale restaurant its worth every penny!


181 Thompson St

Carbone NYC

Carbone is striving to provide a more elegant and unpretentious atmosphere ever since it opened in the mid 20th century, and they do still succeed in doing just that. Its already a classic among the Italian spots around NYC.

Try their seafood salad, lasagna, veal parmesan and their scarpariello.

Il Buco

47 Bond St

Il Buco NYC

Il Buco has been a favourite spot for many Italian food lovers for some time, and it's still delivering that high quality just mouthwatering dishes. It's rustic interior, romantic charm and daily pasta menu makes it a perfect go-to spot around NoHo.

Even if its may sound non-adventurous, try their fish, any of them, you won't regret it!


88 2nd Ave

Frank Restaurant NYC

Frank has been since its early opening in 1998 a favourite go-to spot for many around the East Village area, especially during summer time when you can enjoy their food on the outdoor bustling patio.

This is all about fresh and simple Italian food where you'll enjoy the atmosphere, if you like sitting a bit cramped, as much as the food. If you are looking for an extensive wine cellar you've come to the right place.

Tra Di Noi

622 East 187th Street

Tra Di Noi

Bringing Italy to the Bronx, Tra Di Noi creates the Italian atmosphere to be enjoyed by all. Tra Di Noi crafts their meals from hand-picked ingredients picked by Chef Marco himself.

A lunch and dinner menu is provided, so you may need to stop by at different times of the day just to ensure you taste various meals. Chicken Parmigiana is featured on the lunch menu while Fettuccine alla Alfredo is on the dinner menu. Desserts are homemade and are sure to satisfy your sweet side.


228 West 10th Street


L’Artusi has a modern take on Italian cuisine but still provides you with the comfort that Italian food is known for. Feel like you are in Italy as you taste cuisine from various regions of the country.

A highlight of the brunch menu is the Lemon-Ricotta Pancakes which screams Italy. What’s brunch without a few cocktails thrown in? The Aperol Spritz has aperol, lambrusco, and club soda.

Tortellini, spaghetti, and linguine adorn the dinner menu. Exquisite meats such as roasted chicken, hanger steak, and roasted pork chop will be enjoyed.

Take part in the Italian cuisine that New York has established over the years. Enjoy traditional Italian dishes blended with modern entrées that will soon become your new favorite meals. Add a little taste of Italy to your life.

Honourable Mention


21 Bedford St

Cotenna NYC

Cotenna is perhaps not the most re-known place around NYC but it surely serves great food in a great intimate and cozy atmosphere, perfect for a date. This is truly a charming place in West Village that will give you great value for you money.

Try the burrata and the octopus for starters. The lamb shop comes highly recommended by regulars.