Best Lobster Rolls in NYC - Here's our favourites

Comfort Food

by Chad Thomas

Ah, summertime. The frost finally burns away from the city, and it's park season. But no day in the park is complete without a signature New York lobster roll.

With so many varieties to choose from, it can be a headache deciding which ones to go with. Though taste is a matter of opinion, we're sure you'll agree that the ones we have on our list are the best in Gotham.

The John Dory Oyster Bar Lobster Roll (Flatiron)

John Dory Oyster Bar

The essence of the lobster roll is its simplicity, and though the one prepared by the John Dory Oyster Bar doesn't sway too far from tradition in this regard, there's one decadent element that puts their roll over the top: it's drenched in lobster roe butter.

The preparation serves to enhance the already rich lobster flavor, and adds a touch of the gourmet to the simple sandwich. Get it with a side of their famous waffle potato chips for a complementary crunch.

Lobster Roll from Luke's Lobster (East Village)

Luke's Lobster

It doesn't get much more traditional than the lobster roll being served up at Luke's. From the locally sourced lobster itself to even the red and white checkered basket it's served in, Luke's Lobster knows that the best recipe is sometimes the oldest, and they've taken this to heart with their offering.

In this roll, you'll find gigantic chunks of lobster liberally drizzled with fresh butter—Luke's prefers the large pieces as opposed to the finely chopped varieties in other rolls. It's a nice touch, and assures authenticity.

Lobster Roll from Ed's Lobster Bar (Soho)

Ed's Lobster Bar

Though Soho might not be the first location one thinks of when considering their next lobster roll, Ed's Lobster Bar does not disappoint. Ed's uses the meat from the lobster's tail, claws, and knuckles for his sandwiches, this sandwich combines the subtle palate variety of the entire crustacean, resulting in a deliciously authentic experience.

Lobster Roll from Lobster Joint (Greenpoint)

Lobster Joint

We'd be remiss if we didn't get a Brooklyn offering in here, and the team at Lobster Joint have put together our favorite. The founders of this restaurant have built their roll in the traditional new England sense: a crispy roll slathered in herb mayonnaise, then topped with celery and generous chunks of fresh lobster.

The sandwich is paired with a juicy pickle and hot, crispy french fries to make the meal that much more satisfying.

Now, we don't want to take too much credit, but at this point, we know what you're thinking:

Gee, how in the heck can I resist going out right now and getting a lobster roll?

Hey, why resist? Just give in to temptation. Lobster roll season's upon us—there's nothing you can do!