Best Mexican Restaurants in Chicago


by Sylvia Stanley

Spice up your life as you explore a variety of Mexican restaurants in the windy city. Creating a warm atmosphere that embraces and features foods with an extra kick, Chicago’s Mexican restaurants exceed at passing on their culture to you and friends with the aid of their authentic south of the border cookery.

Frontera Grill

445 North Clark Street

Frontera Grill

Take a trip to Mexico as you enjoy the authentic cuisine at Frontera Grill. Take in the Mexican art, the Mariachi music, and bold flavors at Frontera Grill.

As you search the menu for the perfect Mexican meal, you will find tasty enchiladas potosinas which are chile-spiked corn masa turnovers, homemade cheese, avocado mash, Tamazula hot sauce, crema drizzle, and arugula. For live fire entrées, experience the heat of tacos arabes loaded with caramelized onions and spicy chipotle sauce.

Frontera Grill will have you thinking you are in the heart of Mexico with true tastes bursting with flavor.


449 North Clark Street


Experience spirited Mexican marketplace flavors at XOCO, a quick-service Mexican café. Bringing you Mexican street food and snacks, XOCO provides present-day Mexican food for hungry patrons.

A breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu is provided and you are guaranteed fast service. Ready to go meals can be enjoyed for breakfast such as chorizo egg empanada, veggie mollete, and smoky bacon mollete.

Try a Mexican sandwich made in a woodburning oven. The Baja chicken is seasoned with homemade chipotle mayo and comes with black beans. The pork carnitas in the ahogada are covered with tomato-arbol chile broth and pickled onions.


108 West Kinzie Street


Taste the rich flavor from regions that are spread throughout Mexico as you dine at Mercadito. Have a meal from a different region each night of the week. Designed with inspiration, enjoy nights with friends and family.

For exceptional flavor, try the carne asada which is an ancho marinated skirt steak, with a side of watercress-jicama slaw, magi aioli, and red onions. Various action packed sauces such as chipotle, tomatillo, and habanero will bring spice to your meals. Mercadito also has vegetarian meals or meals that can be made vegetarian, making it a Mexican restaurant for everyone.

Nuevo Leon Restaurant

3657 West 26th Street

Nuevo Leon Restaurant

Nuevo Leon Restaurant provides you a Mexican food experience like no other with a menu in Spanish and authentic Mexican décor. People can even be found singing karaoke while enjoying amazing food.

Have a Mexican course for breakfast as you take in the bold flavors of the huevos a la Mexicana packed with tomatoes, onions, and jalapeño peppers. Be sure to have a glass of water or a margarita nearby.

Enchiladas, burritos, and tacos adorn the menu and you can enjoy beef, chicken, or cheese in each of them. Have a fiesta at Nuevo Leon and taste home style Mexican food.

Maria’s Mexican Restaurant

9440 Foster Avenue, 1905 North Harlem Avenue

Maria's Mexican Restaurant

Let Maria’s Mexican Restaurant put a little pep in your step as you discover Mexican food that makes your mouth water. Items that pack a punch of flavor are noted on the menu. Try the carne azteca which is a char-broiled rib eye covered in mild chile chipotle pepper sauce and green onions, if you dare.

For a softer taste of Mexican food, the tostados which are hard shelled tacos filled with beans, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and sour cream make an excellent choice. Fill the tostados to the brim with chicken, beef, or avocado.

Carbon Live Fire Mexican Grill

300 West 26th Street, 810 North Marshfield Avenue

Carbon Live Fire Mexican Grill

Keeping Mexican food simple and tasteful, Carbon Live Fire Mexican Grill brings you flavorful meals made from fresh ingredients. With healthy Mexican food as the goal, you will enjoy delicious cuisine in good conscious.

Signature tacos and burritos crafted with a traditional blend of Mexican onions and cilantro fill the menu. Try the steak fajita covered with roasted tomatoes, red bell peppers, button mushrooms, and red onions. The roasted red pepper sauce will have your mouth ablaze.

While Chicago may be known for hot dogs and pizza, Mexican restaurants are making a statement with quality cuisine. Dine in an authentic Mexican atmosphere and experience Mexican food with rousing tastes and flavors.