Black Tap NYC - These Insane Milkshakes are Expanding


by Liam Clark

There have been a lot of buzz about Black Tap’s insane milkshakes lately so we decided to have a go ourselves. And it’s clear, that if you are looking for fantastically looking milkshakes, or if you are a milkshake connoisseur, then this is the spot you should head to. Its actually a good excuse to head to South Village, 529 Broome Street, and try it yourself.

There creations are marvellous to say the least, the cookie shake is not only looking great, it actually taste great too.

Keep in mind though, the word is spreading quickly and the lines gets longer and longer it seems. We talked to people outside that had been waiting for a massive 2 ½ hours but still considered it was worth it.

Black Tap NYC

This is the cookie milkshake, the main attraction according to regulars, and shouldn't be missed. This might go to your books as the biggest, sweetest and most wonderful looking milkshake you've ever had.

All milkshakes are about $15 per each but as you can see you might even want to share one on two, or do you!? You should keep in mind though that these shakes comes with a hefty, estimated, 1600 calories tag, so maybe its worth sharing after all.

Black Tap NYC

Just look at this, nails in the same style as a milkshake, it doesn't get better than this. This is fashion Black Tap NYC style!

The other good news is that there are reports from Eater NY that Black Tap's founders, Joe Isidori and Chris Barish, are looking to expand. Their new locations are to be in the areas of Upper West Side and Midtown so habitants here can look forward to a welcomed new neighbor. We'll stay tuned for more updates and give you heads up when the locations are set.

Also, Black Tap Down is opening up a space in Soho, in their new underground spot.

Black Tap NYC

If you are not looking for milkshakes they do serve great burgers as well at this friendly Soho spot. Go for patties such as chorizo, bison and Wagyu and team this up with one of their craft beers, and btw, their selection of craft beers is impressive. Oh, not to forget, they have hand cut fries and beer battered, caramelised, onion rings that comes with that "just enough" touch of crispness.

Black Tap NYC Burgers

Overall Black Tap is a great experience surrounded by a nice atmosphere. The service level is great and friendly adding that little extra. While yo are here don't forget their burgers and beers, both equally good.

That said, currently people are here for the shakes, and we are glad to say they are definitely worth both the wait and the $15 price tag.