Bobby Flay's Restaurants


by Jon Malmberg

Bobby Flay, or Robert William Flay, is the celebrity chef you might have seen of national television on many occasions the last decade. His first restaurant job at the Baskin-Robbins pizza parlour is now a long time ago.

So who is he, well he is an Iron Chef, been featured on Food Network and Cooking channel on many occasions, award-winning cookbook author, made several Great Chefs appearances, the list goes long. He is a restaurateur and of course, a celebrity chef.

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What some do know but other don’t is where you can eat his delicious food. Here’s a list of his establishments and where you can find them.

Bar Americain

152 w 52nd Street NY, second location is at 1 Mohegan Sun Blvd, Uncasville, CT

Bobby Flay Bar Americain

Bobby Flay is known for his bold flavors around the globe these days. At Bar Americain, which is an American brasserie, he once again shows the world of his capabilities.

By mixing the American menu with the so-called European brasserie, Bar Americain delivers high quality.

Its menu consists of various items such as the Shrimp Tomatillo, shrimps and grits, hot potato chips. By the way, try the Spicy Tuna Tartar as it comes recommended from regulars.

Bobby Flay Steak

Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa 1 Borgata Way (Huron Ave.), Atlantic City

Bobby Flay Steak

Together with the designer David Rockwell, Flay wanted to create a chic steakhouse that shouts “enjoyable” atmosphere, and this is exactly what they accomplished. Its pricey, no question, but the food is prepared with hands of flair.

Being that it’s a steakhouse you should mainly focus on the meat section however, the seafood and especially the lobster is as tasty. Go for the rubbed rib-eye with mushroom mashed potatoes or why not his signature dish, the Philadelphia-style strip steak.

The wine list is extensive with focus on international coverage neatly sorted by the type of food you aim to order.

Bobby’s Burger Palace

Bobby’s Burger Palace

With the Bobby’s Burger Palace, which has 19 different locations in around 11 different states, Flay created a winning concept of an all American flavor burger chain. What signify the stores is that its always 10 different burgers on the menu, with one being the “burger of the month” all with its own regional taste.

In these spots Bobby Flay shows he’s the master of burgers with making things very simple yet as sophisticated as a burger can be.

Milkshakes, chipotle ketchup, potato chips, jalapeño sauce the list goes long for what’s worth trying to satisfy you taste buds. One thing for sure, you won’t be disappointed if you are into burgers.


324 Lafayette St New York

Gato NYC

Owned by Bobby himself and Laurence Kretchmer have together created a sophisticated restaurant with Mediterranean and Spanish inspired flavors in a 100 year old building in NoHo.

Make no mistake, the flavors are robust and bold, which is Mr Flay’s usual standpoint. Olive oil, salt and citrus are three recurring ingredients in all dishes.

Gato is the place to go to where you stand the highest chance of actually meeting him in person as you occasionally can see him behind the glassed-in kitchen.

Have the creamy crab risotto, or the saffron-spikes halibut. The paella with kale and artichokes is definitely worth a go as well. As for the wine list, you will find something that suits you and everyone in your party as well.

Mesa Grill

Caesars Palace 3570, Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas.

Mesa Grill

Mesa Grill in Las Vegas is all about just that, Flay’s passion for grilling. Flavors is brought and inspired by the Southwestern fare region and are to say the least, vibrant.

With covering almost 9000 square foot and consisting of a huge bar, lounge area and three tiered dining room, Mesa Grill is massive. Its décor is truly inspiring to say the least.

Go for his signature dish, the blue corn pancake appetizer or the New Mexican Spice Rubbed Pork Tenderloin. Other popular dishes consist of the Mesa Burger, with horseradish, and the crusted chicken salad, both of them served lunchtime as well. The wine list is international though with a slight focus on American wines.

Also, as Mesa Grill location is “close” to Mexico you can enjoy the finest tequila and mezcal available.

Note: Recently Bobby Flay decided to close Mesa Grill in New York.