Boozy Blended Beverages in NYC


by Chad Thomas

Nothing brings me back memories of high school more than a frozen slushie from the gas station. Sadly, those days are gone, but one of the upsides to adulthood is that it opens our eyes to all of the different options the frozen drink world affords us.

Slushies, coffees, daiquiris, and everything in between, if you’re hankering for a drinkable, icy treat, read onward, brave reader!

Uncle Willy’s Frozen Coffee at Skinny Dennis

Williamsburg Uncle Willy's Frozen Coffee

No harm of came of the soul who opted for a healthy dose of caffeine and alcohol, and that’s what you’ll find in this dangerous concoction at Skinny Dennis. Hung over? Angling to be? Either way, an Uncle Willy’s Frozen Coffee will surely satisfy whichever end of the spectrum you’re looking to gravitate toward.

This drink’s a delicious iced coffee on the surface, but then it’s combined with a healthy dose of bourbon and adorned with coffee grounds for good measure.

Concrete Rose at Therapy Wine Bar


The word ‘concrete’ doesn’t necessarily conjure visions of vivid, delectable frozen adult beverages, but in spite of the misnomer, that’s exactly what you’ll get in one of these colorful little drinks at Therapy Wine Bar.

The Concrete Rose counts wine—shiraz, to be exact—as its alcohol base, so if you’re into the vino, definitely reach for one of these. Plus, the colors of the Concrete Rose are so fun, it simply doesn’t behoove you to stop at just one.

Frozen Pomegranate Margarita at Rosa Mexicano

Upper West Side

Frozen Pomegranate Margarita

As polarizing as tequila is, with an equal split between adamant defenders and staunch opposers alike, pomegranates are almost universally loved. Thanks to the addition of this delectable fruit, even the most tequila-averse drinkers will get enjoyment out of sipping a frozen pomegranate margarita at Rosa Mexicano.

It’s delicious, it’s refreshing, and best of all, two of these, and you’ll be flying high—this drink’s loaded with blanco tequila and triple sec, but it’s all well-masked by that beautiful pomegranate.

Frozen Beer Slushie at Uncle Boons


I told you there’d be something for everybody on this list. A guy named ‘Uncle Boon’ wouldn’t be caught drinking a pina colada or daiquiri (as much as we all know he’d enjoy it—he’s missing out). Instead, he’d turn to a frozen beer slushie, which is served in an actual beer bottle and slurped through a straw stuck through the top.

It’s basically just a frozen Chang beer, but out of all the frozen beers we’ve tried, this one’s undoubtedly the tastiest—though to be fair, all the others we’ve had have been borderline repulsive. Still, the Beer Slushie at Uncle Boons is definitely worth it if you’re a simple man who wants his beer a little cooler than average.

Crazy Couple Cocktail at Uncle Boons


Crazy Couple

Wow, you’re very observant and you’ve noticed that we’ve placed two offerings from Uncle Boons on this list, and back-to-back no less. Apparently Boon is cornering the market on eclectic frozen drinks.

The gamechanger is their “Crazy Couple’ cocktail, which combines El Dorado Rum, thai tea, thai coffee and toasted coconut. Think of it as basically the same thing as an Uncle Willy’s Frozen Coffee, but cranked up to ungodly caffeine and sweetness levels—in other words, the perfect Friday night dessert.

The Hangover Effect at Mother’s Ruin


The Hangover Effect

Have you ever in your life seen something appearing more refreshing than The Hangover Effect? We’d guess the name is derived from being hung over and then subsequently seeing a glorious sight such as this drink—it would be impossible for you to resist one, hence, “The Hangover Effect.”

This eclectic frozen beverage features Tequila, orange, lime, cucumber, and, believe it or not, Cholula hot sauce. That’s one way to chase that hangover away.

Drink temps should have an inverse effect with the weather: as we make our way into the 90s, our drinks should dip well below zero. Let’s get to sipping on these frozen treats and cross our fingers that summer’s finally here to stay—for a few months, at least.