Best Boozy Lunch in NYC


by Sylvia Stanley

When visiting New York City, various restaurants provide diners with cuisine and drinks that make lunch a worthwhile experience. Drink specials are on the menu during lunch hours and lunch will soon become your favorite meal. Stop by these restaurants for the best lunch brunches in New York.

Keens Steakhouse

72 West 36th Street

Keens Steakhouse

For a lunch that reminds one of days gone by, Keens Steakhouse provides you with cuisine and drinks that make life worth living. The bar has over 275 various spirits for you to taste and enjoy.

Try a glass of the mild Tobermory ten-year for $10 or dive into a glass of the Edradour Ballechin for $24. As you sip on spectacular drinks, be sure to try the famous mutton chop which comes with escarole. Keens Steakhouse is known for their mutton chop and you can’t leave New York without eating this meal.

Grand Central Oyster Bar

89 East 42nd Street

Grand Central Oyster Bar

For a seafood dining experience where tastes of the ocean make you appreciate life a little more, stop by Grand Central Oyster Bar. An amazing oyster bar is provided for diners that makes you long to be at the sea.

A pint of Harpoon Oyster Stout can be enjoyed as you partake in the shellfish bowl with toast smothered in cream. Salty Long Island Bluepoints, smooth Kumamotos from Oregon, and crisps taste of cucumber in Hama-Hamas from Washington can be purchased for your meal.

The wine list features a glass of La Grenouille or Loire Valley muscadet for $8. Grand Central Oyster Bar has lunch meals and drinks that make you feel you are sitting by the sea.

Roebling Tea Room

143 Roebling Street at Metropolitan Avenue

Roebling Tea Room

Bathe in the sunlight at the all-day dining room in Roebling Tea Room. The joyous light of the sun along with vintage wallpaper will brighten your lunch cuisine.

The Roebling’s house martini is garnished with pickle du jour, which can be pink-tinged ramps or tiny pearl onions in the spring. During the summer, spicy beans decorate the Roebling’s house martini. Patrons enjoy the $2 Genesee Cream Ales regularly.

Dine on the smoked salmon plate which comes with beet relish, crème fraiche, and pumpernickel. The kale salad has charred red onion dressing, barley, dried currants, shaved root vegetables, and pecorino. Grilled chicken can be added to your salad.

The Algonquin Hotel Lobby Lounge

59 West 44th Street

The Algonquin Hotel Lobby Lounge

The Algonquin Hotel Lobby Lounge provides a calm dining experience as you sit at wooden desks where tropical plants bring certain coolness. Lunch is from noon to four and midday meals paired with drinks will delight you.

Have a martini or a shrimp cocktail with your refreshing Caesar salad. The Hemingway has a nice pink color made from Ketel One vodka and grapefruit juice. The Algonquin Hotel Lobby Lounge provides lunch cuisine and drinks that will bring you comfort.

Bo’s Kitchen and Bar Room

6 West 24th Street

Bo's Kitchen and Bar Room

Bringing New York and New Orleans cuisine styles together to create eclectic meals for patrons, Bo’s Kitchen and Bar Room provides diners with an amazing atmosphere.

Cocktails, beer, and wine are on the menu for lunch and the classics never go out of style. The Classic Gibson is gin, vermouth, and pickled onions. Bottled beers can be purchased such as Abita Restoration and ACBC Blonde Ale. Sparkling, rosé, white, and red wines provide lunch diners with sophisticated tastes.

The crispy alligator is a New Orleans meal that comes with bell pepper, chili aioli, and fine herbs. Bo’s Burger is the namesake made from lafrieda beef and topped with cartelized onion, heirloom tomato, arugula, spicy aioli, grafton cheddar, and a house-baked bun. Don’t forget the fries.

New York has restaurants where lunch is exciting again with drinks and cuisine that make you look forward to midday. Lunch will soon become the most important meal of the day.