Brooklyn's Bakeries: Best Baked Goods


by Chad Thomas

Flour. Yeast. Sugar. Carbs. It’s all here, and it’s all wonderful. Bathing suit season calls for cupcakes, not crunches! Speaking of which…

Bake Shop

Bushwick Bake Shop

You may be familiar with Nolita’s Little Cupcake Bakeshop, but what you almost certainly didn’t know is that this is an offshoot of that established location.

Located in the heart of the extremely hip Brooklyn neighborhood of Bushwick and only open since the beginning of the year, the 'Little Cupcake' has been dropped from the name (no doubt to satisfy the anti-commercial sentiments of the neighbors) and the clientele is going to be a little different from what you’d find at the original stead. However, the baked goods are just as tasty, if not tastier, as the selection seems to be a bit more eclectic and experimental. Our favorite is the strawberry shortcake, which, as you can see…there’s nothing short about it.

Stella Di Sicilia Bakery

East Williamsburg Stella Di Sicilia Bakery

If you’ve never beheld the light, flaky, sweet and savory elements of a guava turnover, you need to head to Stella Di Sicilia Bakery right now, because the ones they bake fresh daily are as good as they come.

Though they only accept cash, rest assured that you won’t have to shell out more than a couple dollars to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. Don’t sleep on the rainbow cookies or the authentic Cuban sandwiches, which are lovingly crafted upon house-baked bread.

Mountain Province

East Williamsburg Mountain Province

This place is known first and foremost as a coffee shop, but their baked goods are also virtually unrivaled as well. TK From the muffins to the cassava cake—which is just a tad sweet, and complements a strong latte quite well—there isn’t a bad item in the house.

Pictured is their buttermilk raisin scone with strawberry jam, fresh strawberries and whipped cream. In addition to excellent baked goods and coffee, Mountain Province is bar-none the most laidback coffee shop in Williamsburg, free of judgment, and perfect for getting some work done. So worth the trip.

The Blue Stove

*Williamsburg The Blue Stove

Pies. This is your pie spot. Right here. Key lime, rhubarb, coconut cream, peach, pumpkin, raspberry, pear. It’s all here! Or, you know, perhaps a slice of the chocolate bourbon pie (pictured). How can one spot offer so many pies? What magic lies behind the door of that blue stove? Apparently there’s a little man in there who’s frantically putting together the strongest and most flavorful pie selection this side of the East River, and we’re quite pleased with his work. It’s a comfortable establishment, too, so bring a book and settle in with good eatin’ and good readin’.

Brooklyn Bread Lab

Bushwick Brooklyn Bread Lab

There’s just something special about this place. Walk by this place in the designated warehouse area of Bushwick, and you’re bound to do a double-take. “Wait,” you’ll say as you see the matte black exterior and looking around at the surrounding concrete wasteland, “Brooklyn Bread Lab. Is this a bakery?”

Yes, my friends, and it’s home to the best bread you’re going to find not just in Brooklyn, but in the entire city. The sweet smells waft into the air and lovingly float around the entire neighborhood, so even once safely back in a more residential part of the neighborhood, you might still be lucky enough to catch a whiff of founder and head baker Adam Leonti’s lovely loaves.

Hurry before it’s gone, though: this place is a pop-up, and may soon disappear into the darkness that surrounds it, so get ‘em while they’re hot.