Cheap and Tasty Bushwick Restaurant Eats


by Chad Thomas

You're in Brooklyn for the weekend and want to find the coolest, cheapest eats, but you're sick of Williamsburg. Or, you've just moved to Brooklyn's hottest neighborhood, and you're looking to grub well and spent smartly.

Welcome to Bushwick. We've scoped out the neighborhood for the best combination of tastiness and affordability. Take a look.

Vietnamese: Nam Nam

Nam Nam

Technically in East Williamsburg, but it isn't too far out of your way, and it's worth enduring the hipster garb and attitudes for the best banh mi sandwich you've ever had. A cool $5 gets you the classically prepared pork banh mi sandwich, loaded with fresh veggies and liberally spread with butter and pate. Grab yours to go and then head back over the Williamsburg/Bushwick border immediately.

Pizza: Tony's Pizzeria

Tony's Pizzeria

These pies come loaded with the most authentic red sauce you've ever tasted, freshly prepared vine-ripened tomatoes. If specialty pies are more your speed, get anything from a popcorn shrimp slice to a chicken caesar. But Tony's can't be pigeonholed: the garlic knots are excellent, the penne vodka pasta is just one of their great offerings, and, perhaps most notably...NUTELLA-FILLED CINNAMON-SUGAR DONUTS. 'Nuff said.

Mexican: El Kucho

El Kucho

This family-run establishment will fill your belly with enough authentic Mexican cuisine to make your belly ache gleefully and crave an afternoon nap, all for under $10. The price is right, but the atmosphere is even better. You can count on the owner, Roberto, coming by your table for a chat to make sure your food's as spectacular as you expected. Just goes to show that sometimes, the best things in life aren't the most expensive.

Peruvian: Inca Chicken

Inca Chicken

If you aren't familiar with Peruvian food and are looking for the definitive experience, Inca Chicken is the move. If you're even remotely a fan of rotisserie chicken—heck, even if it isn't really your cup of tea—you must try Inca Chicken's version. It is, simply put, the most succulent chicken you will ever consume in your lifetime. Try it with a dollop of the house-made green sauce to set it up right. Plantains and fresh veggies on the side will have you wondering why you've never indulged with Peruvian cuisine before.

Middle Eastern: Oasis


Another one we have to add in—though technically note quite in Bushwick, it's tasty enough to venture out a bit for. Four measly dollars will get you the finest falafel sandwich in Brooklyn, loaded with red cabbage, pickles, onions and a healthy squirt of tahini sauce. We prefer our Oasis sandwiches late-night, but this is fine fare for any part of the day. Definitely a post-bar meal that you'll feel good about in the morning, though—both your stomach and your bank account.

Salads: GreenStreets

Not to say the rest of the items on this list are unhealthy by any means, but we felt like it might be time to inject it with something green. Enter GreenStreets, the tastiest salads you'll find in Bushwick. Original ingredients like cranberries, fresh goat cheese and artichoke hearts set these bountiful bowls apart from your run-of-the-mill Cobb. Best of all, you'll get a great lunch for well under ten dollars—and you'll be feeling pretty healthy, too.

Sandwiches: Little Skips

Little Skips

This neat dining-room experience comes complete with genuinely good grub—specifically, all the unique sandwich combination being served up. Try the turkey brie sandwich if you're feeling particularly famished. For vegetarians and meat-eaters alike, the vegan grilled cheese with avocado and jalapeno is a favorite of vegans and carnivores alike.

Coffee: L'Imprimerie


We'd be remiss if we didn't offer you a spot to recharge your batteries after all this delicious grub. Right off the Myrtle-Wyckoff stop, right across from White Castle, you will find the coziest, most authentic French cafe in Bushwick. Excellent, dark coffee and croissants to die for—our personal favorite is the chocolate-filled almond croissant, topped with a generous heaping of almond meringue.

So, now that we've armed you with this knowledge, grab that coffee can of change off your nightstand and head to Bushwick to check out these gems. You'll come home full, happy, and with a little jingle in your pocket.