Best Cake Shops in NYC


by Sylvia Stanley

Chocolate. Buttercream. Strawberry. Coconut. Coffee. What do all of these flavors have in common? The best cake shops in New York City have these cake flavors for you to enjoy as you navigate the world of baked goods.

Creating a cake for any celebration is exciting, especially as you taste the different flavors of icing and cake. The following cake shops provide you with some of the best cake flavors you will encounter.

Billy’s Bakery

184 9th Avenue, 75 Franklin Street, One West 59th Street

Billy's Bakery

Stop by Billy’s Bakery where the aroma of cake, pie, and frosting fill the air. People with a sweet tooth will be satisfied as they browse the freshly made cakes and cupcakes. All baked goods are made from scratch using the best ingredients.

Billy’s Bakery has various cakes to choose from including classics and modern cake flavors. The classic chocolate cake is moist and made from deep cocoa. Vanilla, chocolate, or buttercream icing can top off your cake. The lemon raspberry cake is vanilla cake filled with raspberry jam and lemon frosting. Sweet treats are in store for you at Billy’s Bakery.

sugar Sweet sunshine

126 Rivington Street

sugar Sweet sunshine

Comfort is what sugar-Sweet-sunshine is all about and the various cakes they offer will bring you much joy. The 60’s and 70’s vibe puts a smile on anyone’s face and brings peace of mind. Let sugar-Sweet-sunshine take your worries away.

As you look over the menu, the names of some of the cakes might make you laugh, but the cake itself will delight your taste buds. The Goodie Goodie is a dark chocolate cake with whipped peanut butter buttercream icing. The Pumpkin is pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing. The warm, friendly atmosphere at sugar-Sweet-sunshine only makes the cakes taste better.

Empire Cake

112 8th Avenue

Empire Cake

Gourmet cakes are Empire Cake’s specialty and sophistication is key in creating custom cakes for any occasion. All the cakes are made with the finest ingredients right inside the store. Go ahead and have a cup of gourmet coffee with your cake.

Decorated cakes can be made for any celebration such as birthdays, holidays, or graduations. The cake décor is handcrafted individually for each customized cake. Butter and cream from local producers is used for buttercream icing. Pure vanilla beans and Belgian chocolate are used for cake batter and icing.

Little Cupcake Bakeshop

30 Prince Street

Little Cupcake Bakeshop

Organic ingredients and vegan delights await you at Little Cupcake Bakeshop. Local and sustainable ingredients are used to create some of the best sweets you have ever tasted.

The Blue Velvet cake is a buttermilk cake along with blueberries from farms located in New Jersey. Homemade cream cheese icing and a spot of organic food coloring from flowers only add to the sweetly crafted Blue Velvet cake.

Bundt cakes and cheesecakes are onsite at the Little Cupcake Bakeshop. A marble pound Bundt cake goes well with a cup of coffee. The cookies and cream cheesecake stands out among all other cheesecakes.


702 Washington Avenue


For all your custom made cakes, BCakeNY is your one stop cake shop dedicated to creating and designing a cake for any celebration. Unique cakes are crafted for all occasions and are sure to inspire family and friends.

Customized cake décor is crafted for birthdays, graduations, and showers. For the fashion diva, a cake designed to match a favorite pair of shoes or handbag can be created. Dive into a cake crafted from your favorite book. Beauty and art go hand in hand when designing a cake at BCakeNY.

New York has cake shops where the cakes not only taste amazing but inspire the baker in us all. Satisfy your sweet tooth at the best shops in New York. You will not be disappointed.