New York is a Craft Beer Mecca


by Chad Thomas

Sixpoint Brewery

The craft beer craze is nothing new. For the better part of a decade now, people have been abandoning the standard macrobrews that have long dominated the American beer market for tastier, local offerings.

Across the country, there are countless cities and towns that have become beer meccas in their own right, none moreso than New York. Let’s take a look at some of the best breweries right around the city.

Brooklyn Brewery (Williamsburg)

Brooklyn Brewery

This may be the first brewery that comes to mind when one thinks about the New York craft beer scene, as Brooklyn Brewery’s been doing it the longest and is the most-distributed of the bunch.

Because they’ve been at it for some time, they’ve really perfected their styles, from their signature Brooklyn Lager to their Double Chocolate Stout, which is an excellent choice for a chilly evening.

Other Half Brewing (Carroll Gardens)

Other Half Brewing

As far as beer quality is concerned, size definitely does not matter, as Other Half Brewing can attest to. What this little Carroll Gardens outfit lacks in size, it makes up for in ridiculous beer flavor. Other Half’s Green Diamonds Double IPA has so much hop punch, it tastes like it’s almost dripping with hop resin. It’s considered one of the top ten Double IPAs in the nation. Pretty impressive coming from a tiny, local Brooklyn brewery.

Finback Brewery (Ridgewood)

Finback Brewery

In Ridgewood, Queens, they’re serving up some of the finest barrel-aged beers on the East Coast. Responsible for the greatness is Finback Brewery, small batch artisanal brewers with the sole goal of creating something drastically different from what you’ve had before, but not just for novelty’s sake, but for pure enjoyment.

Thus far, Finback has had loads of success doing just that. Head to this place to drink fine beers, sit in a large, open and friendly tasty room, and maybe even play a board game while you sip one of their aged stouts.

Peekskill Brewery

Peekskill Brewery

A little ways out of the city in upstate New York lies Peekskill Brewery, a charming little brewpub that puts forth both top-notch craft beer creations and excellent bar fare.

Their expertise beer-wise trends more toward the IPAs and Sours, but as far as grub goes, they’ve got the gourmands covered with locally sourced bites like chicken liver parfait with onion jam, red wine gelée, hazelnuts, and toast points.

Bronx Brewery

Bronx Brewery

At two years old, Bronx Brewery is still in its infant stages, but an instantly recognizable name and a popular, novel concept for distribution—they distribute their beers in 16-ounce cans instead of your standard 12 (nice)—has them cooking with gas.

Their flagship beer is their Pale Ale, which is dangerously drinkable and the ideal choice for a hot day when one doesn’t want to be weighed down. This summer, there are plans to expand the brewery in the South Bronx, which will include additions like a tasting room and a dog run—that’s right. A dog run. Dogs and beer: can anyone say “Man’s two best friends”?

Sixpoint Brewery (Red Hook)

Sixpoint Brewery

You’ll recognize Sixpoint in stores immediately by their signature tall, slender cans adorned with bright colors, and, naturally the symbol that is their namesake. The brewery’s located in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, right down on the water near the Hudson.

The brewery established early popularity with their citrusy West Coast style IPA, Resin, as well as their Double IPA, Hi-Res, but they’ve since diversified to producing beers on both sides of the light and dark spectrum. One of their newer offerings, Three Beans, is brewed with locally sourced coffee grounds.

With the emergence of so many small brewing companies, one would think the market would be tapped out at this point, but fortunately for it, there’s never a shortage of consumers eager to try some fresh suds. If you live in the city, make this summer the one where you check all the local craft brew destinations off your list—we can’t think of a more worthy endeavor than that.