Three Uber Dog-Friendly Restaurants in New York City


by Liam Clark

For many dog owners, their canine pals are a much a part of their family as any human.

It is no longer unusual for people to take their pets on vacation with them, but if they do, what happens to poor pooch if their humans want to eat out?

Are they to be confined to the hotel with a can of Alpo while their masters chow it up? Not a very nice way to treat a family member is it?

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Fortunately for Fido, if you happen to be visiting (or live in) New York City, your four-legged friend will not have to suffer such indignities.

Dog Friendly Restaurants in NYC

New Yorkers are notoriously dog-friendly and cater to canines in many different ways, including by providing some great restaurants where dogs are not only allowed but are treated as honored guests:

The Shake Shack

The Shake Shack is the one casual dining restaurant chain that does not just encourage people to bring their dogs with them when they dine but even offers a special menu for canines, filled with mouth watering (for them anyway) dog-friendly dishes.

At any one of the restaurants six Big Apple locations canines are catered to by being offered a reasonably priced, just baked selection of organic ShackBurger dog biscuits to munch down on, and larger dogs can enjoy a Pooch-ini, a large version of the same cookies that is smothered in peanut butter and vanilla flavored sauces.

Canine diners even get a free meal on their birthdays, just like their humans.

Humans, on the other hand, can choose from a selection of great burgers, hot dogs and fries while enjoying one of the thick and creamy milkshakes that the chain has become famous for serving.

Shake Shack locations can be found across New York City

The Barking Dog at 94th St.

There are few people in the Big Apple fonder of their dogs than those who live on Manhattan's Upper East Side, where dog parks can be found all over the neighborhood. The Barking Dog offers a dog park of sorts as well, in the form of a special Dog Bar, where pooches can mingle with each other and refresh themselves in the dog fountain on a hot day (and summers in NYC can get very hot).

Apart from its reputation as a dog-friendly eatery The Barking Dog at 94th St., which serves a combination of both American and British casual and comfort dishes- is also well known for its Sunday brunch offerings.

You do have to get there early though - or be willing to wait - as the line of people waiting to get in on the all you can eat action often stretches around the block by as early as 10 am!

The Barking Dog at 94th Street is located at 1678 3rd Ave and 94th St.

The Park

The Park is already rather unique among downtown restaurants thanks to the fact that it is housed in a converted taxi garage and its main dining room is filled with real live bamboo plants.

Outside on the patio, which is sheltered and covered, dogs are invited to chill out and enjoy a handful of organic baked treats while their humans feast on spoils from an eclectic Mediterranean-inspired menu. The only downside for some dogs? Cats are welcomed as honored guests as well!

The Park is located at 118 10th Ave