Easy, Romantic, and (Mostly) Free!: No-Brainer Brooklyn Date Night Moves


by Chad Thomas

You and your significant other are always on the go, and between work and other obligations, you hardly have many nights to devote to each other. To combat this, you set aside a night every week that’s just for you two—yes, that wonderful evening known as “Date Night”. It’s something you each look forward to, and each Date Night is better than the last.

There’s just one problem: Date Nights living in Brooklyn can get a little pricey. To counteract this, we’ve put together a list of some Date Night moves that won’t cost you too much, but will certainly pay dividends when it comes to you and your better half.

Stroll along the Brooklyn waterfront.


At the astounding price of $Free.99, you can stroll arm-in-arm (or hand-in-hand, if you prefer) with your lover along the banks of the East River, taking in one of the world’s greatest skylines, and if you’re lucky, a sunset you’re sure to remember after you’ve ceased getting ‘hearts’ on the picture you took of it.

Attend a reading.

Greenlight Bookstore

There’s a common misconception that those who attend readings at bookstores are book-obsessed, judgmental hipsters who want nothing to do with anyone not carrying a canvas tote bag or displaying less than forty tattoos, and while that’s partially true, anyone can enjoy a good reading. Think of a reading as a fieldtrip into the past—story time, or a bedtime tale, except for adults. Our favorite spot for these readings is Greenlight Bookstore in Fort Greene, but there are plenty of other great places in Brooklyn to choose from, so choose one that’s convenient.

Get lost together in Prospect Park.

Prospect Park

Unless you’re Henry David Thoreau, it’s no fun hanging out in the woods by yourself, but bring along your partner, and not only do the enjoyment levels increase exponentially, but the possibilities seem endless. The best place to get lost in Brooklyn is the borough’s biggest natural expanse, Prospect Park. Gorgeous scenery, and enough acreage to get you good and lost,but not too much to not find your way home again—together.

Go bargain hunting.


Brooklyn is essentially the thrift store capital of the world, and can satisfy all tastes, from the kitschy to the chic. It’s always easier to make purchases with the affirmation and good graces of your partner, so you can either give a thumbs-up or shut down a decision quickly (though if we came across the dough boy displayed above, that would undoubtedly be a unanimous ‘Yes’). No pressure to spend any money, either, so this activity can be entertaining without necessarily putting any stress on the bank account.

Stop and smell the roses at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.


This is the only item on our list that costs money, but at $10 a head (and $5 with a student ID), it’s a totally reasonable pricetag to add a little love to your evening. You won’t find a more beautiful, colorful, or romantic spot in all of Brooklyn, so it’s totally worth considering.

Find your names on a gravestone at Green-Wood Cemetery.


It does seem strange to end our list on this slightly morbid activity, but who knows: perhaps a romantic walk in the huge Green-Wood Cemetery at dusk could breathe new life into the connection you have with your partner. There’s nothing like sharing in a spooky experience to bring two people together.

So you see? Date Nights are far less expensive than you think, if you’re willing to basically cut out the food aspect and put an emphasis on the “togetherness” aspect. Because, really, that’s what a Date Night should be all about, right? Enjoy, and love to you and yours.