4 Great First Date Restaurant Choices in New York City


by Jon Malmberg

New York is a city filled with singles and the simple fact is that as fun as it can be to live the solo life in the Big Apple most of them are, deep down, looking for love.

This is why Tinder is one of the most used apps on NYC singletons' smartphones.

But once that Tinder match is made, where should you plan to meet up with a date if you want to impress - and break the ice a little more easily - without the need to max out your credit card doing so?

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Here are some of our current favorite choices that fir the bill perfectly:

Holiday Cocktail Lounge

Holiday Cocktail Lounge NYC

This lounge was already something of an East Village icon and a recent makeover has made it more date friendly than ever before.

Many of the things that have helped this dive bar with a fancy edge stand out over the years - wooden phone booths, murals from the 1920s, fabulous and generously sized cocktails for under $12 - remain and newer innovations, like a totally revamped menu, have helped make it even better.

For a 'trendy' spot the Holiday Cocktail Lounge is relatively laid back and the constant 80's tracks on the piped in playlist will at least give many 'just mets' something to talk about to break the ice, even if it’s only to debate which cut from the decade was best.

You can find all of this first date friendly fun at 75 St. Marks Place.

The Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club

The Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club

If you really fear the spectre of sitting across from a first date trying desperately to think of something witty/impressive/charming to say to the point that you are unsure you will even be able to speak then more of a distraction is called for.

And the retro cool of the shuffleboards here can certainly provide that as well as some less usual fun. As its' styled after a typical Florida shuffleboard club it's a little bit kitsch but that only adds to the fun.

When it comes to food there's a neat twist; it's provided by a rotating selection of food truck crews (you can check the club's website in advance to see who is 'in residence' for your date) and is as varied as it is affordable. T

here are also two huge bars to cater to your adult beverage needs all night long at reasonable rates.

The Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club is located at 514 Union St , Brooklyn.


Estela NYC

If this NOHO eatery was good enough for a real life date night location for the POTUS and FLOTUS not so long ago then it's good enough for you too, despite the slightly bland decor and deceptively reasonable for NYC pricing.

This is the first date spot for those who are pretty serious about their food though, as there is very little else to distract from it.

Fortunately the food is very good, a combination of the old world Italian chef Ignacio Mattos built his career on with some more avant garde small plate experiments and the extensive selection means that even the fussiest date should be able to find something to please their palette.

Estela is located at 47 E Houston St.

Alta Linea

Alta Linea NYC

The High Line has become the spot for all kinds of al fresco activities that could be great for first date fodder but a visit to this outdoor oasis is certainly a great place to start.

A part of the trendy High Line Hotel this is a charming courtyard bar that is strewn with pillow laden sofa seating that invites both conversation and admirations of the view.

Gourmet coffee is provided from a 1963 Citroën coffee truck and it pairs easily with the gelato ice cream sandwiches served up from the roaming cart.

If the date seems to be going well you can then order a specially packed picnic basket (taking advantage of the hotel's superior service) and head off onto the High Line trail itself to get to know one another even better.

Alta Linea is located at the High Line Hotel at 180 Tenth Ave.

So there's the list good folks. I sure hope that your date will progress according to plan. At least, now you know where to go!