Crazy, Weird and Great Pizza Choices in LA


by Anne Thompson

Yes, they DO have pizza in LA and plenty of it. But apart from the West Coast versions of East Coast classics the Californians also do a rather nice job of offering up some rather unusual pizza combinations that make a rather refreshing change for the slightly jaded pizza connoisseur looking for something different.

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And as you might expect in 'La La Land' there are plenty of (slightly?) weird choices out there. These are some of our faves:

Salad Pizza - Abbot's Pizza Company

1407 Abbot Kinney Blvd.

Abbot's Pizza Company

Where to start with this one? Well, the crust - like all of the pizzas at Abbot's - is actually made from NY deli-style bagel dough, with both plain and sesame seed options available.

Then, in the case of the Salad Pizza, that crust is then smothered with both organic tomato paste and low-fat sour cream before being topped with typical West Coast salad ingredients that include butter and Romaine lettuces, onion, basil, tomato, feta and avocado.

A guilt free pizza? not quite, but possibly as close as you'll ever get and surprisingly tasty as well.

Potato Gold at Mr. Pizza

3881 Wilshire Blvd., Koreatown and 350 E 1st St, Little Tokyo.

Mr Pizza LA

Mr. Pizza is actually a Korean pizza chain that boasts dozens of locations in Korea and China and now two in LA, one in Koreatown and one in Little Tokyo.

The pies are on the expensive side - $25 and up - but that does not stop queues forming outside nearly every night. And the most popular choice is the Potato Gold Pizza.

The crust in itself is an unusual delight, as it is made from a sweet potato mixture, which is flown in from Korea, fluffy baked up to a light as air consistency and topped with so much cheese that it almost glows orange. The Potato Gold also features a thin layer of tomato sauce underneath 'Cheese Mountain' that is them topped with mushrooms, ground beef, corn, onions, cubed Yukon Gold potatoes, bacon, potato chips and a swirl of sour cream. Stunning stuff.

Flower Child at Jon & Vinny's

412 N. Fairfax Ave.

Jon and Vinny's LA

Jon and Vinny are not the first people to do a flower topped pizza but they are probably close to being the best at it. Starting off with a flatbread style crust The Flower Child is then covered with a simple base of crescenza (a young, rindless, cow's milk cheese), olive oil and sea salt before being topped off with nasturtium, mustard flowers and/or squash blossoms depending upon which of them happen to be in season.

It's all very light, very simple and rather more satisfying than you might imagine.

Indian Kima at Cruzer Pizza

4449 Prospect Ave., Los Feliz

Cruzer Pizza LA

Cruzer Pizza is the first - and at the moment only - all vegan pizzeria in Los Angeles and as such it has developed itself quite the cult following. The fact that the pizzas are very good helps too and, we promise, carnivores will often have a hard time telling that the meat replacements are faux in the first place, as they really are that tasty.

The favorite choice of many regulars, the Indian Kima offers a shot of spice that is a bit of a jolt but never too jarring. Topped with Daiya cheese, 'ground beef' and jalapenos that pack just the right amount of heat a slice of this stuff with satisfy any pizza lover, non-meat eater or not.