Healthy Restaurants around University of California - San Diego


by Sylvia Stanley

As you wave good-bye to your parents, you look around at the university where you will be spending your time learning about your chosen profession. You have a new found freedom and are excited about your college years. All of the sudden you ask, where am I going to eat throughout my time at college?

Finding restaurants that you like and are budget friendly around University of California San Diego is not as difficult as you may think. Vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants are all around the University of California San Diego.

Sipz Vegetarian Fuzion Café

5501 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.

Sipz Vegetarian Fuzion Cafe

Providing you with a kind and caring atmosphere, Sipz Vegetarian Fuzion Café believes in respecting others, yourself, and the Earth. Promoting a healthy 100% vegetarian lifestyle, you will find amazing foods and beverages to satisfy your hunger needs.

Serving Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, and Japanese delicacies, Sipz Vegetarian Fuzion Café has a wide assortment of meals to choose from. The majority of appetizers, entrees, and all of the desserts is vegan. Vegan sushi is on hand to cater to your healthy way of living. You will have to come to Sipz Vegetarian Fuzion Café time and time again just to enjoy everything.

True Food Kitchen

Fashion Valley Mall, 7007 Friars Road #394

True Food Kitchen

Bringing you meals that are the basis for an anti-inflammatory diet, True Food Kitchen has vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free meal options. Healthy living is a way of life for those who consistently dine at True Food Kitchen.

Try the organic Tuscan kale or the quinoa burger to ensure longevity. Share a wild mushroom pizza with your family when they come to visit you. A rise and shine smoothie filled with sea buckthorn, coconut milk, honey, pear, carrot, and ginger will wake you up each morning.

Eat healthy food, feel better, and enjoy life more when you dine at True Food Kitchen.


2965 5th Avenue


Sporting the motto “Feel Good, Fast Food,” Evolution brings you vegan fast food. A new age has come upon the fast food industry through Evolution and you are going to find all of your favorite vegan foods quickly.

You can choose from a tempeh, black bean, or a ¼ pound beef burger patty to make your own burger with. Sandwiches and wraps that are filled with lettuce, tomatoes, and onions are on hand. Gluten free regular fries or sweet potato fries can be a part of your healthy dining. Fast food never tasted this healthy.

Ranchos Cocina

3910 30th Street

Ranchos Cocina

If your favorite food is Mexican and you are looking for a healthy restaurant to eat at, check out Ranchos Cocina where they have vegetarian and vegan Mexican dishes. Included on the menu are non-vegetarian dishes so you can enjoy a meal with all of your friends.

Local and sustainable ingredients are bought at a variety of farmers markets. Have vegan shrimp along with wheat free corn tortillas. Enjoy the eggplant, black beans, or brown rice dishes. For breakfast, have a burrito or flapjacks. For authentic Mexican vegetarian and vegan food, Ranchos Cocina is the place to be.

Plumeria Vegetarian Restaurant

4661 Park Boulevard

Plumeria Vegetarian Restaurant

Plumeria Vegetarian Restaurant has quality vegan and vegetarian meals prepared fresh every day along with gluten free meals.

Choose from a variety of salads such as seaweed, summer, or somtom all containing healthy vegetables. The broccoli delight has stir-fried broccoli and carrots with fresh garlic in mushroom sauce. Noodle entrees contain all of your favorite mixtures of vegetables. For a Thai food experience that will have your taste buds buzzing, try Plumeria Vegetarian Restaurant.

Veggie Grill

4353 La Jolla Village Drive #H28

Veggie Grill

Vegetables are the main stars at the Veggie Grill where the menu items have no meat, dairy, eggs, or other animal products. Be healthy and whole as you enjoy meals that will lift your spirits.

The harvest bowl has field roast sausage, herb-roasted veggies, supergrains, steamed kale, porcini mushrooms with miso gravy, and hemps seeds. Have a tofu Thai wrap filled with the vegetables you know and love. Veggie Grill brings you all things vegetable and ensures you eat and stay healthy.

As you navigate your way through the college life, healthy restaurants are all around you at the University of California San Diego. Do not waste another minute worrying about what you will eat to stick to your healthy diet. Discover and explore the healthy restaurants that await you.