Best Italian Restaurants in Chicago


by Sylvia Stanley

Foods from around the world can be found in Chicago and Italian food is one of the premier foods of Chicago. With so many Italian restaurants adorning the streets of Chicago, it can be difficult to choose which one to try and each Italian restaurant offers an individual atmosphere all its own.

La Scarola

721 West Grand La Scarola

For a restaurant that makes you feel right at home, La Scarola brings you all the comforts of traditional Italian food. You will think you are in a small section of Italy.

Contemporary and traditional Italian dishes are served and the menu is constantly changing to reflect the seasonal ingredients. Emerge your senses in the risotto primavera containing broccoli, peas, mushrooms, and artichokes flavored with goat cheese. Wide arrays of pastas starting with spaguetti loquercio to pasta vesuvio are on the menu.

Let La Scarola fill your life with real Italian spice.


201 East Grand Avenue


Experience an old world Italian world through traditional menu items at Volare. Scattered throughout the menu are Italian dishes with a modern accent and finding an entrée that is just right for you is not a problem.

Lunch and dinner menus are provided. The lunch menu consists of Panini sandwiches, pizza, and salad. The dinner menu is loaded with authentic Italian cuisine that will have your mouth watering. Fettuccine Verdi alla Bolognese is spinach fettuccine with traditional Bolognese sauce. Pollo alla Parmigiana has chicken, pomodoro sauce, mozzarella, and a side of spaghetti.

Piccolo Sogno

464 North Halsted Street

Piccolo Sogno

Piccolo Sogno means “little dream” in Italian and you will find the Italian food you dream of at Piccolo Sogno. Experience seasonal rustic Italian cuisine paired with a wine from the all Italian wine list.

Hand-tossed pizzas are prepared in the wood-burning oven for an authentic taste of Italy. Enjoy homemade pasta such as the stracci di farro which contains farro flour pasta, ramps, asparagus, garlic, leeks, black truffles, and shaved parmesan.

Dining at Piccolo Sogno allows you the opportunity to experience food as you would in Italy.


1633 North Halsted Street


Providing a sophisticated Italian atmosphere, Balena brings you cuisine that is made in house. From the smallest appetizer to the most authentic Italian entrée, the cuisine at Balena is tried and true Italian.

Start your dinner with spiced olives or roasted radish bruschetta. All of the pastas are stunning in their own right and bring plenty of spice and flavor to the table. Dive into the tagliolini nero packed with crab, sea urchin, and mint. Experience the value of Italian food through the orechiette consisting of kale and lemon crema.

No matter what entrée item you choose, you will not go wrong at Balena.

Bruna’s Ristorante

2424 South Oakley Avenue

Bruna's Ristorante

Bringing you an oasis of Italian food that will never cease to amaze you, Bruna’s Ristorante has traditional cuisine that will have you coming back again and again. A friendly environment has been established over the years, and you will soon learn the meaning of hospitality.

For a taste of Tuscany, the menu is filled with cuisine from the central and northern locations in Italy. An original recipe of roast chicken has been maintained since Bruna’s Ristorante opened. Linguine, gnocchi de patate, and porcini ravioli bring you exciting Italian flavors. Original desserts will bring a sweet taste to end your evening.

Coco Pazzo

300 West Hubbard

Coco Pazzo

Classic and contemporary dishes await you at Coco Pazzo Italian Restaurant. Experience authentic, honest Tuscan flavors that will make you feel like you are in Italy.

New ingredients and techniques are tried at Coco Pazzo to bring a contemporary style to the cuisine. Scaloppine di Vitello consists of sautéed veal medallions, roasted mushrooms, Swiss chard, and vernaccia reduction. A creative Italian meal is found in the Bistecca Toscana which contains grilled New York strip, rosemary scented, and patate toscane.

Chicago has much to offer you when it comes to Italian restaurants. Authenticity and traditions are established in Italian restaurants and you will experience both throughout your time in Chicago. Enjoy family atmospheres as you taste the fullness of Italian cuisine.