Best Mexican Restaurants in NYC


by Jasmine Greene

If you know people who hail from the South or West coast, you'll often hear them complain that there's no good Mexican in New York City. Lucky for you, that's not a fact.

There are dozens of delicious spots from the more formal sit-down restaurants to tiny backroom taquerias. There's a little something for everyone. Feel free to take your naysaying friends to any of these joints and see how quickly they change their mind.

Taqueria Izucar

1503 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn

Taqueria Izucar

This tiny hole-in-the-wall restaurant might be small in size, but it's big on flavor. Besides the expected tacos, they also offer tortas, enchiladas, tostadas and larger dishes. Of course, with a name like Taqueria, you'll definitely want to try out the tacos. There are 15 different fillings to choose from and you can easily mix and match.

The best part is that the tacos are so cheap you can try all of them for under $30. They offer the standard pork, beef and chicken, but they also have more traditional fare like pig stomach taco and tongue taco. If you like spicy, squirt some of the different hot salsas they have available for a fiery experience.

Mesa Coyoacan

372 Graham Avenue, Brookly

Mesa Coyoacan You can't really get more authentic than having a chef directly from Mexico City. Chef Ivan Garcia offers up traditional snacks that you would be able to find on the streets of Mexico City such as tamales, Chiapaneco (pork, fruit and nuts), cactus salad and beans, and Veracruzano (tilapia with guajillo salsa).

Of course, they also have the more standard fish tacos and enchiladas. If you're more of a cocktail person, they've got an excellent selection of mescal and tequila. They're also open until 1am so it's a great late night spot after a night out.


35 East 21st Street

Cosme If you're looking for something a bit more upscale, then Cosme is your spot. Eating here will definitely make your wallet much lighter, but you won't mind because the food more than makes up for the cost.

Cosme offers high quality, market fresh ingredients for everything on their menu. It offers more of a tapas style menu where you're encouraged to share the plate with your table. Don't forget to save room for the dessert though. The most popular item and oft photographed item is corn husk merengue, which offers the wonderful crunchy outside and gooey inside.


251 West 50th Street; 166 East 82nd Street; 205 Thompson Street

Toloache There's a reason Toloache has three different locations – it's just that good. Rather than a pure Mexican experience, Toloache offers a more nouveau experience than the places listed above.

Many people tend to shy away from the more fusion restaurants, but Toloache pulls it off perfectly. There's a little bit of Asian flair in some of their ceviches, but the flavors are still undeniably Mexican. If you're feeling adventurous you can try the Chapulines Tacos – Oaxacan-style dried grasshopper tacos. It's a perfect spot for a more casual sit down experience.

The Black Ant

60 2nd Avenue

The Black Ant You might just think the ant in the name of the restaurant is just some cute name. You'd be wrong. While some restaurants might offer one insect dish, the Black Ant goes all in and offers all sorts of Mexican staples just bursting with juicy morsels of ants, grasshoppers and worms. If you have a weak stomach, this might not be the place for you.

They don't disguise the insects so you know exactly what you're eating. Still, there's no reason to shy away. Insects are a great source of protein and they're quite tasty. With that said, there are items on the menu that don't incorporate insects and there's even some vegan options available so everyone can enjoy a dish.

Honorable Mention

Puebla Mini Market

3908 5th Avenue, Brooklyn

Puebla Mini Market You might walk by and think of this as just another bodega, but you'd be wrong. This deli offers some serious tortas stuffed with avocado, cheese, pickled jalapenos and your choice of meat.

You can't really go wrong with any of the options and you won't get bored any time soon as they have 30 styles to choose from. What's more, each of the sandwiches are incredibly filling and cheap so you definitely get your money's worth.