The New NYC Subway Design


by Liam Clark

The MTA and NYC Governor Cuomo recently released more information of how the new Subway cars will look like and we must admit it sure looks promising. In total it’s about 1025 new cars that are to be distributed around NYC.

How this is to paid for, we don’t really now yet but we do know that this will cost roughly $27-billion over a 5 year capital plan. “More importantly”, the new cars will feature WiFi, USB ports, open seamless connection to walk through, flip seats and digital displays.

Check out the new design!

NYC Subway Cars

Also, 31 of the city’s subway stations are to have improved design such as signage, countdown clocks, and better cellular connectivity according to Andrew Cuomo himself.

It’s also said that the actual doors of the subway carts will be 8 inches wider in order to speed up enter/exit for passengers and save about 32% station time.

The open cars design is already in place in other main cities such as London and Toronto.

During the announcement it was said that the authority will issue requests for proposals in order to begin renovations in three different station located in Brooklyn; Bay Ridge, 54rd Street and Prospect Avenue.

It was also said that in order to complete all 31 renovations some stations are needed to be shut down by the transportation authority, potentially for as long as six months.

Check out the images recently released!

NYC Subway Station

NYC Subway Car Design Update

NYC Subway Station Improvements