Fabulous New York City Food Trucks to Suit Every Taste

Food Trucks

by Jon Malmberg

Street food has been a fixture in New York City for almost as long as the place has been a city. But the rise of the gourmet food truck has really upped the Big Apple's street food game, and with hundreds already on the road across the five boroughs it seems like a new one pops up every other day.

Like many other things, not all food trucks are created equal. But there is something for everyone and in most cases something very, very good.

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Here's a look at some of the best of the NYC food trucks currently making the rounds to satisfy the gourmet on the go.

For the Sandwich Fanatic: Snowday

Snowday Food Truck NYC

Snowday is rather unique in that not only does it serve up good food it's also doing a lot of good at the same time. The truck is owned and operated by Drive Change, a non-profit organization that focuses on providing training and steady employment for young former prisoners.

But aside from its rather special mission the food is pretty special too. Making use of all local ingredients and with a definite fondness for sweet Snowday offers a rotating menu that includes a fabulous Maple Grilled Cheese, a mouth-watering pulled pork slider and the house specialty Sugar on Snow which is basically boiled syrup drizzled over snow like ice to form a chewy candy.

Snowday operates year round but is always on the move. You can track their daily movements by following @SnowdayTruck.

For the Burger Lover: Hard Times Sundaes

Hard Times Sundaes Food Truck NYC

There are 101 (or so it seems) food trucks offering a decent burger in NYC but the Brooklyn based Hard Times Sundaes, which despite its name specializes in such things offers something rather special (well several things actually) Their burgers are crispy, smashed thin delights that are served in singles, doubles or triples topped with all kinds of delicious things and simply have to be tasted to be believed. Their bacon wrapped fried hot dogs are pretty amazing as well but it's the burgers that people make the trip to Brooklyn from all over the city for.

Hard Times Sundaes is permanently parked at 5700 Avenue U, Brooklyn.

For the Seafood Fan: Red Hook Lobster Pound

Red Hook Lobster Pound Food Truck NYC

Admittedly street seafood can be something of a dicey prospect but a lobster roll is a fairly safe bet. They come in greatly varying qualities though so when you find one that's really good going back often is almost a no brainer.

Red Hook Lobster Pound has pretty much perfected the lobster roll on the go though. They serve both styles; Maine, which is cold with mayo and the warm, buttered Connecticut-style that some prefer. There is also a Tuscan option that adds basil vinaigrette and bacon that is rather good and if you are really hungry pairing any of them with the lobster mac and cheese makes for a delicious - but rather filling - meal. The shrimp roll is pretty impressive as well.

You can locate the Red Hook Lobster Pound on any given day all year long via their Twitter account; @lobstertruckny

For Vegetarians and Vegans: Cinnamon Snail

Cinnamon Snail Food Truck NYC

If they want more than a salad life can be tough for a vegetarian on the streets of the Big Apple. There are a handful of veggie fare only food trucks but Cinnamon Snail is one of the very best and well worth any New York based herbivore tracking down.

Cinnamon Snail is currently garnering national attention for their vegan doughnuts and cakes and they are indeed out of this world delicious but their savoury lunch and dinner offerings are just as good.

The Ancho Chili Seitan Burger can hold its own against any meat peer and if you think tofu is boring it simply means you have yet to try CS's Creole Grilled Tofu Sub to become properly educated.

You can keep track of the Cinnamon Snail trucks via their Twitter account at @VeganLunchTruck

So there's a list of a few to keep your eye on. At least, now you know how they look!