New York City's Best French Fries and Where to Find Them


by Anne Thompson

There are few foods that are as versatile, affordable and generally beloved than French fries.

No, however, you slice them - shoestring, thick cut, or in between - they are never going to make any health food lists, but they are, when done right, delicious, comforting quick and easy.

And while thousands of eateries in New York City - both of the fast and 'slow' food variety serve them up there are certain French fry standouts in NYC that really should not be missed, especially by the true fried potato aficionado.

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Here are some of our favourites:

Best Fast Food Fries - Five Guys


There are a 1,001 fast food joints in the Big Apple and 70% of them serve French fries of some kind. The thick cut fries are uniquely delicious, thanks in large part to the peanut oil they are fried in.

Crispy, delicious and always cooked to order they are also perfectly salted and steamy hot. Another bonus? While you wait for your food to be prepared you can help yourself to handfuls of their free salted shell peanuts and load up a try to go too.

Five Guys has a number of locations across New York City.

Best Duck Fat Fries - Northern Spy Food Co


Yes, French fries can be considered gourmet and among the hot trends in fried potatoes right now are duck fat fries.

The problem with some offerings is that they are simply too overpoweringly greasy, but that is not the case for the fries served up at Northern Spy Food Co. in the East Village.

These bad boys are thick, ridged wedges of potato, fried golden brown in just the right amount of fat and topped with parsley and a smear of the fat they are fried in.

And if you want to make yourself feel a little less guilty about ordering the large the fact that the restaurant makes use only of locally sourced organic potatoes should help you feel a little more virtuous.

Northern Spy Food Co. is located at 511 East 12th Street between Aves A and B in the East Village

Best Food Truck Fries - Shorty's Italian


Obviously, there are a lot of food truck fries out there but the very best may just be these quick fried, cheese laden delights from Shorty's.

One of the few French fry offerings we have ever encountered that still taste good when cold, the Shorty's fries are liberally doused with Italian herbs and tasty fresh grated Romano cheese.

Great as a snack on their own if you are a little hungrier the Shorty's Cheesesteak is their perfect partner.

The Shorty's food truck roams the city all year long. You can track its movement via Twitter and @shortysnyc or visit one of their four bricks and mortar locations.

Best Poutine - Poutine Please


Poutine is the Canadian national dish, but recently it's been catching on in a big way south of its border as well, especially in New York City.

The very best of it, in the opinion of many, is to be found at a food stand in Astoria, owned and operated by two New Yorkers who made it their mission in life to bring authentic poutine to the Big Apple after 'studying' it extensively in Montreal.

In addition to the classic poutine of rich gravy and cheese curds - made extra yummy with crispy bacon if you so desire - owners Lillian and Ted have also mastered the art of dessert poutine.

It may sound strange but once you have tried a sweet and savory delight like Pumpkin Caramel Bacon Poutine you probably won't ever feel that way again.

Poutine Please is located at 34-12 36th St in Astoria, and will also be launching a new food truck in 2016.

That's the list! We always end with a NYC quote to keep in mind.

“I love New York, even though it isn't mine, the way something has to be, a tree or a street or a house, something, anyway, that belongs to me because I belong to it.” ― Truman Capote