Pokeworks: What's the fuzz all about?


by Liam Clark

Lately there have been people lining up outside this midtown restaurant to get a bite at their fast food and raw fish. We decided to have a look what’s the fuzz is all about.

There haven’t been many options for this type of food, Hawaiian raw fish salads usually with tuna or octopus, around NYC for some time but after the opening of Sons of Thunder there are now quite a few to choose from. This has lead to an all-out poke` hysteria creating huge lines outside these shops, especially Pokeworks.

Pokeworks NYC

The concept has been widely popular in Los Angeles but hasn’t made its way to NYC, that’s until recently. The raw fish salad comes with soy sauce, sesame oil, pepper, different Asian ingredients and its surprisingly good!

Lets take a closer look at the food at Pokeworks. You can really customize your way making your own delicious salad or seaweed burrito. There are plenty offerings such as shrimps, scallops, salmon and of course tuna, you can even have chicken or tofu if you please. There are signature bowls like the really tasty Spicy Ahi Poke that comes with ahi tuna, sriracha aioli, crispy onions, cucumber and masago. Their crab salad also comes recommended by regulars. It’s all like a customized poke fast food really, except for the word fast, as mentioned their lines can be discouraging to say the least at times.

As for pricing if you go with a regular size portion your short of $10.50 or if you go larger $12.95. The actual size actually stays the same it’s the amount of fish that increases. The burritos are really good but could be a bit messy so grab some extra tissues before leaving.

Pokeworks NYC - Check their delicious bowls

It’s understandable that Pokeworks is such as popular spot, staff is very friendly, and portions are “ok” and, its fresh and tasty, perfect for lunch!

For the more curious, where did this poke food that suddenly just swept like a way across US, come from and what is it, really?

It’s called poke and pronounced ‘poh-kay’ and its originally a Hawaiian cuisine. Its fair to say it have had an amazing effect on mainland population since it moved outside Hawaii, where you can find the food literally everywhere, even in grocery shops. In its original form its simply a salad with cuts of raw fish (most often ahi tuna). This is then combined with soy sauce, chili peppers, sesame oil, green onions and seaweed. It’s really a simplification of Japanese raw fish flavors. In NYC today you can spot it in numerous locations, as mentioned above Pokeworks but also at Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar.

Pokeworks NYC

How long will this poke trend continue then? Will the lines continue outside Pokeworks? Well, as long as its super fresh and comes with real flavor we don’t see its ending any time soon.