"Worlds Best Restaurant" Chef Plans to Fight Food Waste in the Bronx


by Liam Clark

Chef Massimo Bottura, perhaps best known as the man behind what’s been called the worlds best restaurant, the Osteria Francescana, by the San Pellegrino World’s 50 best restaurants awards, continue his combat against food waste and hunger, this time in New York City or more precise the Bronx. At least this is what the latest rumours says according to the Instagram picture recently posted.

Refettorio Bronx NYC

Lately his been involved doing just this in both Milan and Rio. In Milan he teamed up with Daniel Humm and Rene Redzepi, and created a soup kitchen for homeless and children in need. The kitchen was located in the city old theater Refettorio Ambrosiano, using only left over food from the crowded Milan Expo. This exact thing is to happen in Rio shortly during the summer Olympics, feeding the city's favelas, from left overs from the Olympic city.

In New York, rumors say his ambition is to open a dining hall in collaboration with the Italian consul in NYC. Its been said that Robert De Niro is also connected to the project. There’s little doubt that this project will have the same aim as the Milan and Rio one, focusing on food waste and feeding the hungry in need.

If this is to happen, with Massimo Bottura’s involvement, it’s indeed the first time his charitable mission hits U.S soil. Fingers crossed that the rumours are true then!!

For the more curious: Massimo Bottura was born in September 1962 and is the chef patron of the renowned Osteria Francescana which have been decorated with a three-Michelin stars and voted the worlds best restaurant by the San Pellegrino worlds top 50 restaurants awards 2016. The year before they were ranked as 2nd best. Mr Bottura is a true restaurateur and have been receiving too many to mention awards for his inspiring work.