Most Romantic Restaurants in Chicago


by Sylvia Stanley

As you search the windy city of Chicago for the best place to have a romantic evening, you will come across a variety of restaurants that peak your interest.

Deciding on the one that is just right for you and the evening you have planned needs to be done in a delicate manner. Chicago has a lot to offer you when it comes to choosing a romantic restaurant. The following restaurants have what it takes to bring you an evening of a lifetime.

Geja’s Café

340 West Armitage

Geja's Cafe

If you are looking for a unique experience, Geja’s Café will provide you with fondue dining right at your table. Choose from a chocolate or cheese fondue to dip strawberries, apples, grapes, and various other delicacies. Your night will be filled with intimate conversation while staring into each other’s eyes.

The main courses at Geja’s Café bring you mountains of seafood, chicken, and beef tenderloin. A tofu and fresh vegetable medley is on the menu to add a vegetarian friendly meal. The Prince Geja’s Combination has a variety of all the best food found at Geja’s Café.

An extensive wine list filled with various sparkling, white, rose, and red wines will delight you through the evening. You will not regret having date night at Geja’s Café.


838 West Randolph Street


One of the most special restaurants Chicago has to bring you is Vivo, where people come to experience a romantic atmosphere that is garnered by all who work and dine there. A night of Italian food, quality people, and a memorable time with the one you love awaits you at Vivo.

Start your remarkable night off with an exquisite taste of olives, pickled garlic, and pepperoncini. Move on to a main course of grilled Scottish salmon, asparagus, and beefsteak tomatoes. Add a side of oyster mushrooms and thyme. Don’t forget to have a glass of lovely wine or a seasonal cocktail. Experience romance in a simple, but classy atmosphere at Vivo.


440 South LaSalle Street, 40th Floor


As the sun sets over the horizon, relish the French cuisine brought to you by Chef Joho at Everest. Sitting atop of Chicago, Everest offers you a breathtaking view of an amazing city. Take in fabulous food, creative sculptures, and beautiful paintings throughout your night of romance.

Order from a seven-course degustation menu, a seven-course vegetarian menu, or the three and four course pre fixe menus. Roasted lobster, lamb, duck, and steak adorn the menu. After you have finished your meal, paired with an exquisite wine of course, dive into one of the amazing desserts. Your romantic evening will be topped with perfection as you dine at Everest.


1655 West Cortland Street


Already touting the acclaimed label of most romantic restaurant in Chicago, Jane’s provides you with a cozy, intimate dining experience. Celebrate a special occasion with your loved one by enjoying great food, elegant wine, and a pleasing atmosphere.

Depending on your favorite time of day, you and your loved one can experience romance at anytime of the day. Jane’s offers a brunch, lunch, and dinner menu for all memorable occasions.

Take in a goat-cheese chicken course paired with pastina, kale, mushrooms, and marsala reduction for dinner one night. A variety of salads and sandwiches are also offered on the dinner menu.

Stop by Jane’s and experience a night filled with fun, wonderful conversation, and one of the most romantic atmospheres Chicago has to offer.

Bavette's Bar & Boeuf

218 W Kinzie St

Bavette's Bar & Boeuf

Bavette's Bar is better explained as sexy and intriguing. The atmosphere and environment is not the typical steakhouse you'll find around Chicago but more unexpected and stormier one would say. You will be escorted to a candlelight speakeasy with leather wrapped booths, romantic to say the least. They also serve tasty and well thought of cocktails which could come handy on your date. Look for the Elote Style Corn, which comes recommended by regulars and finish of with the whiskey ice cream.

A Tavola

2148 West Chicago Avenue

a tavola

By placing the emphasis on Italian food, a tavola brings you authentic dishes made from the freshest ingredients. Purchasing fruits, vegetables, meat, and seafood from local markets, your romantic night will have a taste of Chicago at a tavola.

Revel in the saltimbocca, a special dish found only at a tavola. The saltimbocca includes bone in veal chop, browned in EVOO, seasoned with sage leaves, and wrapped in prosciutto. Handmade pastas, original Italian dishes, and classic desserts give your romantic night an Italian feel.

Romance is in the air throughout the city of Chicago and the city provides you with remarkable experiences that you will remember always with your loved one. Enjoy amazing moments with someone special and let Chicago bring you a new favorite romantic restaurant.