Most Romantic Restaurants in NYC


by Jasmine Greene

Whether you're celebrating an anniversary, birthday or just a special night out, you want a restaurant that has great ambience and excellent food.

The best part is there are just as many wallet-friendly options as there are more pricey restaurants. You don't need to wait for a special occasion to try these places out. All you need is your sweetheart and an appetite.


13 Barrow Street

Annisa Restaurant

After a fire burnt down the original location in 2011, Chef Anita Lo rebuilt and rebranded the restaurant into a new experience for diners. While it still is an Asian fusion restaurant, most of the menu items are completely new and meld together the ingredients to create deep and complex flavors. According to Lo, these items were inspired by her travels across the globe. She uses flavors and techniques from Asia, South Africa and France for some truly unique dishes.

Of course, it's not just the food that makes this space romantic. The intimate seating arrangements allow you to be close to your loved one and of course you get to enjoy your meal over candle light. As you would expect, the prices tend to be on the higher side but after your first bite you won't even care how much it costs.

Milk and Roses

1110 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn

Milk and Roses

If you're looking for something that has a bit of quirky charm you want to check out Milk and Roses. Located just outside of Manhattan in the neighborhood of Greenpoint, this cozy restaurant offers an intimate indoors area complete with a massive collection of books, grand piano and rustic décor.

During warmer weather you can head out to the garden where you can enjoy the beautiful fairy lighting and lush foliage. You can enjoy the space for breakfast, lunch or dinner or all three if you so choose! They pride themselves on service only ethically and humanely sourced ingredients. It's also moderately priced so you can enjoy some American Cuisine with Southern Italian influence without breaking the bank.

Black Mountain Wine House

415 Union Street, Brooklyn

Black Mountain Wine House

If you really want to transport your date to the mountains, this is the place to go. Even before you step in, the wood plank façade and weathered rocking chairs out front will immediately make you feel like you have are entering your very own cabin in the woods. Once inside a crackling fireplace, homey atmosphere and buzzing atmosphere greets you.

It's like entering a ski lodge without having to travel to Vermont. The food focuses more on small plates so you can try many different items such as the Salt Cod and Artichoke or the Goat Cheese Tart. Pair your choices with a glass or bottle of wine and you have a recipe for a perfect date night.

Kyo Ya

94 East 7th Street

Kyo Ya

If you really want to impress someone who loves Japanese food, Kyo Ya is the place to go. The romantically lit stairs help set the mood before you even step foot inside. The interior is very traditional Japanese with its beautiful but simple décor. While they do offer an a la carte menu, they are most known for their kaiseki – a prix fixe meal created by the chef with seasonal ingredients.

You can choose up to a 11-course menu though of course the prices associated will increase the more dishes you include. If you plan to go here, you will need to make reservations at least 24 hours in advance. Also make sure you plan at least 3 hours for dinner if you get the 11-course kaiseki.

Le Grenouille

3 East 52nd Street

Le Grenouille

There's a reason Le Grenouille is one of the last remaining haute French restaurants in New York City – all the employees place an emphasis on the details. The dimly-lit restaurant floor features gorgeous bouquets of flowers for lively yet elegant décor. Everything is immaculate from the white tablecloth to the press of the waiter's pants and shirts.

You'll need to wear formal attire complete with tie and jacket for men and pumps and dress for women. There are no children or cell phones allowed, making it a perfect place to fully connect with your date. While you'll certainly be paying a pretty penny to dine here, you know you are paying for the quality. Every dish is perfectly executed from the soufflé to the buttered Dover sole. Each bite you take will give you a little taste of France.

Honorable Mention

Blue Hill Restaurant

73 Washington Place

Blue Hill Restaurant

Opened in 2000, this restaurant is hidden three steps below street view in a landmark 'speakeasy.' The menu changes on a seasonal basis so you can expect to experience different flavors for each season. There's no a la carte menu here though so you'll need to choose between the Farmer's Feast (a six course tasting menu from that week's harvest) and a four-course Daily Menu.

Either provides a delectable tasting of farm fresh ingredients. Speaking of farm, the restaurant itself owns a farm in Westchester County and most of their vegetables and meat are sourced directly from there or other local farmers. The refined yet understated décor allows you to focus on your food and date as does their no cell phone policy.