The salt warning law is now in effect


by Anne Thompson

salt warning nyc

Starting from 1st of March, New York City chain restaurants, that have more than 15 locations, must put a salt shaker icon next any menu item that exceeds the regulated 2,300 miligram daily recommended intake of sodium.

This new rule is actually already in effect, as many most likely have seen on menus around town, but its from now on a fine of $200 per incident, for not putting it where it should be.

Most American's consumes far more than the daily recommended intake, normally by eating pizza's or sandwiches, which are, not surprisingly, top contributors to high sodium intake according to the American Heart Association.

Justice Eileen Rakower says “It’s not a ban, it’s information, it’s a warning”. It simply means that if you love salty food you can go ahead and eat it as usual, knowing about it, and as a restaurant owner you can still serve the food.

However, S. Preston Ricardo who is the lawyer a restaurant group, say’s he intend to appeal the decision. The National Restaurant Association argues that the Board of Health can’t impose such regulations and it’s only the City Council that has this power.