Best Sports Bars in Brooklyn


by Chad Thomas

New York is a mecca for good food and drink, and it certainly has its fair share of bars that can stand up to the task. Yet for all Manhattan has to offer in the way of excellent spots to grab food and drinks for the game, Brooklyn is lacking when it comes to traditional sports bars.

Fortunately, we've put a list together for you to find where to go to catch the next game your favorite squad's playing in, and have some decent lagers and grub while you do so.

The WingBar (Gowanus)

The WingBar

Don't get us wrong. If you're a wing connoisseur, you've come to the right sports bar, but that's hardly The WingBar's only culinary specialty. Try an order of their deep-fried brussels sprouts, and you may discover that this item can singlehandedly turn you into a satisfied vegetarian after all.

Or not. Still, they're great! If you're not coming off the meat train, go for the wings (naturally) or a steak sandwich. Then post up and cheer your team to victory.

Woodwork (Prospect Heights)


Go for a beer and the first half, end up sticking around for the entire game, a few pints, and even an eclectic cheese plate or some olive tapenade. Woodwork offers the best in camaraderie and finger foods. You'd be hardpressed to find a more authentically pub-feeling bar in Brooklyn.

In this regard, this may be the go-to destination if you're a soccer—yes, yes, that's 'futbol'—fanatic. We hesitate to make the pun, but then again, we do love a nice and cheesy one: this place really brings the true fans out of the...OK, you get the picture.

Brooklyn Tap House (Bedford-Stuyvesant)

Brooklyn Tap House

This is as pure as sports bars get, and not just as far as Brooklyn standards go. The Brooklyn Tap House is what you're looking for if you've got a large group of diehards in tow and are looking for a spot to throw back some cold ones, chomp down on some burgers and wings, and really will your squad to victory.

Plenty of televisions, and a menu to satisfy even the pickiest sports fan, ranging from a skillet-baked mac and cheese to deep-fried oreos. There's even a fire pit out back, perfect for deep reflection and self-evaluation after a loss.

Pine Box Rock Shop (Bushwick)

Pine Box Rock Shop

What Pine Box lacks in screens, it makes up for in stellar mixed drinks, craft beer and finger foods. The taps are some of the most eclectic in Brooklyn, with many excellent local offerings, including varieties from Other Half Brewing available on a regular basis. The vegan empanadas are to die for, and they won't leave you in a food coma, even after you eat three or, maybe, seven. This is the place to be to watch the game in Bushwick.

Mulholland's (Williamsburg)


An excellent sports bar that is the go-to destination for diehard fans of any sort in Williamsburg. The interesting thing about the neighborhood is that, for all its splendor, there does seem to be a lack of sports bars in the area. Perhaps it isn't considered “hip” to have a strong allegiance to a particular sports team, but even so, Mulholland's does a wonderful job of providing a mecca for any diehard fan.

The TVs are solid, the draft beer is strong, and the finger food is excellent. Though the wings are some of the best in the neighborhood, our personal favorite is the chili slaw dog, which is actually two Nathan's dogs liberally doused in chili and slaw, and served with crispy tater tots. Money!

If there's any point we'd like to drive home in this article, it's that you can't let being a Brooklynite dissuade you from maintaining your hardcore sports allegiances. Don't settle for hopping on a subway and heading across the river—root your team on in your hood. Hit any one of the places mentioned above, and you won't regret it.