Feeling Stressed? Try Adding These 6 Foods To Your Diet


by Jon Malmberg

With the holiday season surrounding us, we can forget that our bodies are struggling to adjust to the added stress. The oh-so-pleasant shoppers at the mall, the extra foot traffic on the sidewalks and, of course, the credit card bills.

"There are simple ways to add stress fighting foods to your diet to help boost your body's ability to handle all this holiday stress."

These are the sure signs that we are December and the population is not so "jolly". There are simple ways to add stress fighting foods to your diet to help boost your body's ability to handle all this holiday stress. Maybe there is something to be said for all the nutritious information we are given on a daily basis after all.


Fruits in your diet

Specifically Bananas and Blueberries, but any fruit will provide benefits. Bananas are loaded with potassium, which is a great way to combat muscle cramps. They are also easy to carry and a valuable source of energy. The blueberries are high in Vitamin C and fiber, which is necessary to keep your body's digestive system regular.


Vegetables in your diet

Specifically asparagus, but again any vegetable has benefits. All vegetables are primed with minerals and vitamins, however asparagus contains folic acid.

Folic acid helps to balance your mood and is also beneficial for any woman trying to conceive, or already pregnant.


Quinoa in your diet

The newest super-food fad. Similar in size and texture to couscous, Quinoa is able to replace almost any grain, especially rice in almost any recipe. Packed with amino acids, magnesium, protein and Vitamin B-6, the nutritional value on this whole grain alone is sufficient enough to replace almost an entire meal worth of healthy benefits. The simplicity to incorporate into any recipe, this is a food not to overlook.

The nutritional value is highly recommended to any vegetarian to replace lost minerals normally found in meat products.


Nuts in your diet

Eating even a handful can give you a boost of energy during a midday slump. Next time you reach for your coffee, add a handful and see the results. It’s also a nutritional alternative to the bag of chips in your office vending machine.


Beef in your diet

Yes, I said beef. The zinc and iron, especially for women, is a necessary requirement. If you are anemic, the winter months can be brutally cold (especially if your iron is low), try to up your iron by adding beef to dinner one night a week.


Tuna in your diet

This one may be obvious. Did you know tuna is high in B6 and B12 (one of the main sources of your body's energy supply)? We are guilty of adding too much mayo to this handy snack, so try the flavored pouches for a convenient substitute.

Hint - the pouches are perfect for keeping in your desk just in case you ever need an emergency lunch!

So there you go, a list of food to make you feel better. It might look simple and the truth is, it is. Keep in mind though that this is a life style change and not a quick fix.

Remember, it is better to add even just one of the items above than nothing at all. With the holiday cookies waiting just around the corner, these foods are also good to keep you full and less likely to overindulge.