New York City Must Do's This Summer


by Chad Thomas

Live in New York? Congratulations to you for making it through the winter, kind Sir or Lady! As a reward, we've put together a fun little summer itinerary for you, from pools to street fairs to everything in between.

Hit the Pavement for Street Fairs

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We wouldn’t be Forkit if we didn’t at least open with one of the infinite New York culinary-oriented activities you need to get into this summer. But even if you’re stuffed from tacos and margaritas at a nearby bar, you’re sure to find something that suits your fancy at any one of the city’s excellent street fairs.

In addition to Smorgasburg, there’s the Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit, Crafts on Columbus, or—sure, why not one more—Madison Square Eats. Yum! And fun.

Movie at Rooftop Films

Rooftop Films

Unlike good drivers, kind passersby on midtown street corners, and southern accents, New York does not have a limited supply of rooftops. Which is great, because Rooftop Films, who are (per their website) “a New York based non-profit whose mission is to engage diverse communities by showing independent movies in outdoor locations,” is traveling to a rooftop near you with their next production and a giant screen in tow. This summer, they’re screening films on rooftops from Manhattan to Brooklyn to Long Island, perfect for a warm summer nights with a couple friends or your better half. Most of the tickets are free, but many of the shows tend to fill up fast, so get there early to stake out a good spot, or you may find yourself hanging out on the fire escape.

Dive In to a Community Pool

Astoria Pool

Yes, we realize that’s probably the cheesiest headline you’ll read all day, but we can’t stress enough how important it is that you get a hefty dose of pooltime this summer. Think about all of your favorite summer childhood memories. At least half of them include being in or around your neighborhood pool, right? Nostalgia lives in a warm pool somewhere within the confines of New York—our favorite is Astoria Park Pool (pictured), but other great options include McCarren Park Pool, or the Hamilton Fish Pool in Lower Manhattan.

Join a Kickball League

Brooklyn Kickball

Team sports, you say? Meaning you have to join a team? Well, yes and no. The Brooklyn Kickball League, which seems to have been specially formulated to keep the hipster aversion to team sports satisfied while simultaneously allowing them to have fun—not that they want anyone to know that—allows you to operate as a “free agent”. Simply shoot an email to, and your name will be added to the giant database of fellow kickball aficionados waiting to play in a weekend game. From there, you’ll be assigned a temporary squad for the day, and you can kick home runs ‘til your angsty heart’s content.

New York Summer Music Festivals

Panorama Music Fest

Now, be warned: these aren’t for the faint of heart. We’re talking full immersion into the heat of a New York summer, as well as the sweaty bodies of all of the city’s youths, jam-packed into a claustrophobic area next to a giant sound stage. But if that sounds appealing to you—or if you yourself are one of those sweaty youths—then one of these festivals could be just for you. Governors Ball has just passed us by, but another huge one, Panorama Music Festival, is right around the corner. Acts like A$AP Rocky, Arcade Fire, and even the recently-reformed LCD Soundsystem will be playing their acts to crowds in Randall’s Island Park. Get on it!