Sushi Burger? Finally, NYC Catches On


by Chad Thomas

Sushi Burgers.

That's right. Redeye Grill

Every so often, an idea comes along that is so great yet so simple, one simultaneously admires it while wondering why it took so long for it to come to be. Well, it was only a matter of time, but it’s finally happened: the burger, long an institution in American cuisine, and sushi, a Japanese staple that has been popular for years in the Western world, have come together to form a happy union. The sushi burger has officially been born.

In the last month, sushi burgers have gone from a fantastic hybrid some Japanese-and-American cuisine connoisseur was merely dreaming of to a legitimate offering, complete with a designated hashtag and a small Instagram movement. However, this movement was headed up by amateurs or chefs who were putting the delicious creations together for themselves.

It wasn’t until this month that a restaurant finally took the reins and began producing a product for an adoring public.

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Finally, that restaurant is here:

Redeye Grill

(Midtown West)

Redeye Grill

The culinary creators at Redeye Grill are putting together a burger that has sticky rice molded into the shapes of a perfect bun, and between this they sandwich anything from fresh salmon to eel, squid to scallops.

The burger is available all day—for lunch, dinner, and breakfast, if you so choose—and is aesthetically pleasing enough to rival the multitude of sushi burgers that exist currently on Instagram. Even though it seems like this invention should have come out far sooner, from what we can uncover, Redeye Grill is the only restaurant in New York to officially be offering the sushi burger currently.

Redeye Grill

Los Angeles appears to have beaten Gotham City to the punch on this one, taking cues from Tokyo on this new crossover sandwich. However, if there’s anything we know about New York cuisine, it’s only a matter of time before they pick up steam and are setting the bar on what’s sure to be the next food craze.