10 Things to Do in Queens NYC


by Sylvia Stanley

The city of New York has much to offer tourists and locals alike. Throughout New York City, there are various places that everyone wants to visit and go. Queens is often overlooked deep in the boroughs. Queens has had the most growth over the past five years, more than any other NYC borough.

Rekindle the desire to visit Queens serving amazing food, going to incredible events, and experiencing other cultures. You definitely should make a stop in Queens when traveling to New York City.

1. Astoria Park

19th Street – Astoria

Astoria Park

Astoria Park is home to wide open spaces, an area people often do not associate with New York City. Hiking trails, tennis courts, basketball courts, and a baseball diamond are available for those who enjoy time spent outdoors.

Astoria Park extends from south of the Triborough Bridge to north of the Hell Gate Bridge. The park is also right along the East River. Various stunning panoramic views of skyscrapers and scenic landscape can be taken in at Astoria Park.

2. Steinway Street’s Hookah Lounges

Steinway Street's Hookah Lounges

One of the main things Queens is known for is hookah lounges and these are as reliable as the sun rising each morning. Hookah lounges line Steinway Street in Astoria and you will not be disappointed. Spend a Saturday night enjoying the various flavors the hookah bars have to offer. Cocktails and live music only liven up your hookah lounge experience.

3. Eddie’s Sweet Shop

105-29 Metropolitan Avenue #1 – Forest Hills

Eddie's Sweet Shop

Eddie’s Sweet Shop in Forest Hills has delicious tasting treats that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Take a trip back in time to the 1950s with old ice cream shop décor, which provides the perfect atmosphere to enjoy great tasting sundaes. You may even feel like you are at a drive in ice cream diner.

Split a sundae with family or friends. The sundaes are quite large and you may need some help dining on the sweetness.

4. Hall of Science

47-01 111th Street – Corona

Hall of Science

For a family fun event, visit the Hall of Science located in Corona. Geared for kids, but enjoyed by adults as well, the Hall of Science has interesting and fun events. Interactive exhibits such as Bug Day, technology about transportation, and climate change are just a few exhibits the family can enjoy.

The Hall of Science is free on Fridays from 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm and Sundays from 10:00 am – 11:00 am.

5. Dani’s House of Pizza

81-28 Lefferts Boulevard – Kew Gardens

Dani's House of Pizza

Pizza parlors are a plenty in New York and Queens holds a gem in Dani’s House of Pizza. Tucked safely in Kew Gardens, a slice of pizza from Dani’s House of Pizza is a taste to behold. A friendly atmosphere will make you feel right at home.

Vegan, Vegetarian, Sicilian, Pesto, and Dani’s Special pizzas can be ordered and enjoyed. Whole pizzas or slices are on the menu.

6. Korean BBQ

Various Queens Locations

Korean BBQ

Queens has some of the best Korean BBQ restaurants in New York City and dining on Korean cuisine is an excellent way to learn more about another culture. Barbeque is a big deal in the Korean cuisine.

Dining on kalbi, beef short rib, and samgyeopsal, uncured pork belly, is sure to satisfy anyone who enjoys a good plate of barbeque. Korean BBQ is placed on hot grills and then wrapped in lettuce and pickled radish discs. Sik Gaek, Han Joo Chik Naeng Myun BBQ, and Myung San are just a few of the best Korean BBQ restaurants located in Queens.

7. Citi Field

123-01 Roosevelt Avenue

Citi Field

Citi Field is home to the New York Mets and summer is the perfect time to catch a baseball game. Enjoy America’s favorite pastime with your family.

Not only does Citi Field house the New York Mets, but guided tours over the field and throughout the dugouts can be experienced. Stop by the Mets Hall of Fame and Museum to learn a little history.

8. Museum of the Moving Image

36-01 35th Avenue

Museum of the Moving Image

The Museum of the Moving Image is located in Astoria and you will not want to miss this wonderful media museum. Behind the Screen is the core exhibition of the museum and will totally immerse you in the creative and technical process of film making. Learn about producing, promoting, and presenting films, television shows, and digital entertainment. Featured exhibitions are presented throughout the year.

9. Gantry Plaza State Park

4-09 47th Road – Long Island City

Gantry Plaza State Park

Resting on 12 acres of riverside oasis, Gantry Plaza State Park has spectacular views of the most popular places in New York such as the Manhattan skyline, the Empire State Building, and the United Nations.

Take a stroll through piers, gardens, and then cool off through the park’s mist fountain. Restored gantries are the rugged, beautiful centerpieces of the park. Relax in the great outdoors and enjoy the wonders of nature.

10. Queens Botanical Garden

43-50 Main Street – Flushing

Queens Botanical Garden

Queens Botanical Garden is home to some of the most stunning flowers throughout the city. Gardens will inspire and delight you as you travel from garden to garden taking in the beauty surrounding you.

Fragrance Walk is just one of the many gardens in Queens Botanical Garden. Shrubs, perennials, and bulbs that are extremely fragrant during growing season are in the Fragrance Walk. Essential oils are in these flowers and are what gives these flowers such a strong scent.

Rose Garden, Herb Garden, and a Wetland Garden are just a few of the many other gardens located in Queens Botanical Garden.

Queens has wonderful places to explore and experience when visiting New York City. Dine on ethnic foods, relax in nature, or learn interesting new things at various museums only located in Queens.