Top 4 New York City Kid Friendly Restaurants Adults Can Enjoy Too


by Anne Thompson

Although there is practically a restaurant every second block in New York City what many of them lack is a kid friendly atmosphere.

In fact, take children into some establishments and the reception - from your fellow diners at least - is likely to be rather frosty to say the least.

The good news for those who do wish to dine out with kids in tow somewhere other than McDonald's or Burger King is that the Big Apple is also home to some fantastic kid friendly eateries that both children and adults can enjoy, both for the ambiance and the food. Here is a little about some of our favorites:

Ninja Cafe

Ninja Cafe NYC

Ninja Cafe is not designed for children but it does welcome them and it will delight them.

Boasting a traditional Japanese menu offering both buffet and full entree options, the restaurant's decor mimics a ninja village from the days of feudal Japan and is breathtaking in both its accuracy and its complexity.

When everyone can tear themselves away from the fascinations of the village for long enough to eat there's a special kids menu featuring things like Angus Beef sliders, teriyaki meatballs and tempura chicken nuggets.

Adults on the other hand can choose from a wide range of Japanese casual dining dishes while also sipping on ice cold draught Sapporo beer for just $2.99 a pint.

Ninja New York is located at 25 Hudson St.

Alice's Tea Cup

Alice's Tea Cup NYC

There are three Alice's Tea Cup restaurants in NYC, each, in terms of decor at least, representing a different chapter of the classic children's book.

Within the walls of each restaurant you are likely to encounter the Mad Hatter, The Queen of Hearts, The Cheshire cat and even Alice herself, both in the form of artwork and restaurant roaming character actors.

As one might expect, the menu at all three locations features the concept of the formal tea party heavily, offering all the right cakes, scones and jams, as well as tea of course.

But that is not all that is on offer. Salads and sandwiches offered at Alice's Tea Cup are fresh and delicious and their weekend brunches offer a must try selection of both hot and cold delights.

Alice's Tea Cup Locations: 2156 E 64th St, 2220 E 81st St and 2102 W 73rd St.

American Girl Cafe

American Girl Cafe NYC

This one is definitely one for the (young) ladies and as a spot to take a little girl for a doll loving little girl for a real treat this place is hard to beat.

The idea is that the young diner bring along her favorite American Girl doll - although one can be purchased onsite too of course - so that they can both be treated to a rather special dining experience.

Both doll and owner are seated in special princess chairs and treated to French toast, pancakes, dainty sandwiches and delicious deserts.

Adults can opt for more grown up salads, quiches and risottos and while they definitely have to take a back seat in terms of the grandeur of service they should still have a good enough time.

The American Girl Cafe is located at 609 5th Ave

Action Burger

Action Burger NYC

To call Action Burger a kids' restaurant is an insult to the legions of grownups who love the place and return on a regular basis whether they have kids in tow or not.

What Action Burger really is is a comic book lover's paradise. The menu is filled with hearty but simple burger joint fare, divided into food for heroes and foods for villains, with the 'hero food' side considered a little healthier (turkey and veggie burgers, veggie sticks etc.) and the villain side with big juicy burgers and hand cut fries.

The food is not the main attraction here though. There are 352 (and counting) free video games available to play, from Arcade classics to modern day PS4 and Xbox One hits.

There are comic books and comic book memorabilia displayed in every corner and there are hourly, daily and weekly video game tournaments staged for various age groups.

It's basically a dream destination for the Comic Con crew whatever their age group may be and the affordable pricing makes it easier for families to keep coming back for more.