Winecream Arrives in NYC

Ice Cream

by Sylvia Stanley

After a long summer day, you arrive at home ready to chill out and relax. You decide to spend the night in front of the television and getting comfortable on the couch. As you watch your favorite movie, you try to decide if you want a glass of wine or a bowl of ice cream; hard choice on a summer evening. The city of New York now provides you with Winecream, an amazing combination.

Winecream was invented by Dan Gorham and his sister Katie during a family Christmas where the decision between having wine and ice cream was difficult to make. Dan and Katie were inspired to combine wine and ice cream for a new creation for all to enjoy. Each bowl of Winecream contains 10% alcohol by volume and has arrived in New York.

Crossroads Company is a family owned business in Baltimore and is expanding its reach to online sales. People will be able to purchase Winecream by the pint online. Chocolate Covered Strawberry and Mixed Berry Winecream flavors are listed online for customers to purchase.


To create this delicious combination, Winecream uses liquid nitrogen to freeze wine and ice cream together. A -300 degrees Fahrenheit is what it takes to fuse this newest creation of wine and ice cream together. The sweet taste of ice cream retains the alcohol in wine through this freezing process.

The typical red and white wines are not used to create this delicacy; however fruit wines are used for exciting bold flavors. Strawberry, mixed berry, peach, and pineapple are just a few of the sweet tasting flavors offered.

As the heat of summer continues, experience one of the most innovative creations found in Winecream. For a sweet combination of ice cream and wine, you can’t go wrong when you dive into bowl of Winecream.